Keeping Your Cat Off Counter Tops

How do I keep my cat from jumping on the counters and tables?

First of all you need to consider why your cat is jumping onto the counter. It’s a cats natural instinct to jump up, so it may not be anything you are doing, but if you leave traces of food/water on the countertops or feed them food from something you are preparing on the counter then they will associate the counter top with food and you will never be able to stop them jumping up.

In order to stop this behavior you need to make the countertop as undesirable a place as you can. When you are around the house you can use loud noises (such as pebbles in a can ) to deter your cat when you see them jumping on the counter but obviously this only works when you are watching and the cat will learn this pretty soon and just go on the counter when you are not there. Better deterrents are those that will work whether you are at home of not. A common solution is to cover the counter tops with sheets of aluminum foil. The cats dislike the feel of this on there feet and it is often enough to deter them. You may need to continue with this long term but the foil will stack up out of the way fairly easily so should not be a problem.

It may also help to get your cat something that they are allowed to climb on like a climbing tree and encourage there use of this toy with praise and by hiding treats around the tree.