Do Quaker Parakeets Talk?

I am thinking about getting a pet bird and currently it will probably be a quaker parakeet. Are these very noisy? I'd quite like to teach it to talk but do not want it being too loud!

Most Quaker Parakeets are very "talkative", and are certainly not quiet birds. You will find that they can entertain themselves for hours practicing their own repertoire of noises. This may sounds like a lot of noise, but very few owners (or indeed their neighbors) seem to complain, since it is quite an uplifting noise. There is a small potential of "noise competition" if you house more than one bird in the same room. Owners report that if their bird’s noise has become a problem it is often stopped by distractions such as bathing, treats or covering the cage for a few moments. It is certainly a very lively and demanding choice of companion bird.