Eye Discoloration In Rabbits

My 4 year old rabbit used to be very healthy, but recently both of his eyes have become quite cloudy - one more than the other. What could e the cause of this?

You need to get your rabbit seen by a vet, as there are a number of different potential causes of such symptoms and it is impossible to decide on one without an expert physical examination. Causes of disease in rabbit’s eyes include chronic conjunctivitis (leading to corneal ulcers and cloudiness in the eye); Inflammation of the Iris (Uveitis); Corneal dystrophy ( where the corneal membrane thickens); and advanced glaucoma.

Rabbits can in fact cope quite well with limited vision, so try not to be too concerned with his actual well being unless he presents other symptoms such as weight loss. However, to avoid the potential loss of sight, a vet with a good knowledge of rabbits need to examine him thoroughly and subsequently decide on the best course of action.