Preparing A Rabbit For Winter

What requirements will my pet rabbit need for the winter? My "baby" does go outside on a leash weather permitting but during the winter she will be primarily house-bound. Should I provide special covering for her as I live in a basement apartment and it does have a tendency to become very cold? May I use a heating pad to keep her warm? Also where might I find more information on general habitats for rabbits. Do they hibernate? These are the kind of questions I have been unable to find answers for. My vet has not been very helpful as he doesn't have many rabbit patients.

I’m not sure I understand the beginning of your question. I am assuming that your rabbit lives indoors with you? If this is the case, then you should probably have to make no special provision for her. Rabbits are hardy animals who spend most of their lives outside. You should, however, make sure that she has plenty of warm bedding material in her bed – you can buy very good synthetic bedding from pet stores, but make sure it is suitable for rabbits. A heating pad is not necessary, but you might like to position her sleeping quarters near to a radiator.

Rabbits do not hibernate, and I am very surprised that your vet did not even know this.