Incompatibility Issues Between Rosella Birds

I have a 6 year old crimson rosella and an 18 month old golden mantle rosella. The older bird has had 2 previous rosellas with him and both died. When I got bertie (the younger one) hutch (the older one) wouldn't look at him for a fortnight but now they are always together. Recently bertie has started chasing and diving at hutch to the point of hurting him and hutch won't retaliate because he is too placid. I don't want hutch to get badly injured but I also don't want to get rid of bertie. I'm not sure both birds would be able to cope with losing their companion. Can you help or do you have any suggestions?

In the case of two birds, incompatibility can lead to one bird becoming dominant over the other one, actively bullying the submissive bird. This can lead to feather plucking, usually off the head of the submissive bird. The aggression can become so severe and sadly sometimes the treatment in this situation is separation of the two birds. With all of this, it is essential to get your bird checked out by a vet, especially one with a special interest in avian medicine. They will be able to advise you about this type of behavior and the best options for your birds.