Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You make every effort to provide your dog with the best care, including providing the most nutritious food possible. So, why does he insist on eating grass? No one really knows for sure, but most experts agree that it’s pretty normal dog behavior and usually nothing to worry about. There are generally two main reasons dogs eat grass… instinct or grazing behavior.


Grazing is perfectly normal for dogs. If your dog happily munches on grass without feeling ill… he’s probably just grazing. Every dog is different, but it’s not unusual to see your dog grazing when he’s bored or maybe experiencing a little anxiety.

Some people believe that dogs eat grass because they’re trying to make up for some kind of nutritional deficiency, but the truth is, even dogs that eat the healthiest diets still eat grass. Maybe they just like the way it tastes. If your dog is fed a good diet, maybe he would like to have some greens or fiber. Otherwise, there’s probably nothing to worry about.


Some experts believe that dogs eat grass purely out of instinct. It’s believed that grass eating is a deliberate attempt to induce vomiting when a dog is feeling sick. If your furry family member has a tummy ache, his instinct is to throw up to get rid of whatever he ate that’s upsetting his stomach.

When dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit, they barely chew it, and then they gulp it down quickly. The long, unchewed pieces of grass likely tickle their throats, which stimulates vomiting.

Is it safe?

Although it’s generally thought to be safe for dogs to eat grass, you should still watch him closely. Make sure he doesn’t eat grass that has been treated with fertilizers or pesticides. If you use products on your lawn, make sure they’re safe for dogs.

Can I get him to stop eating grass?

If your dog’s grass eating concerns you, you can try to get him to stop. There’s a slight possibility that it has something to do with his stomach, so you could try switching his food. If you’re giving him table scraps or lots of treats, stop and see if that helps. Perhaps something he’s eating is upsetting his stomach.

Should I take him to the vet?

When your dog eats grass, vomits, and then seems just fine, he’s probably just taken care of the problem. However, if he continues to eat more grass and vomit, you should probably take him to the vet. Trust your instincts. If it’s not normal behavior for your dog, call the vet.

Overall, you don’t need to be overly concerned if your dog eats grass. Follow our suggestions to see if they help and call your vet if you’re worried.