WWC Speckled Leather ~ WYSIWYG Live Coral Frag ~ World Wide Corals ~ #174 For Sale -

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WWC Speckled Leather ~ WYSIWYG Live Coral Frag ~ World Wide Corals ~ #174:

Please read our shipping and guarantee policy before placing any offers!#FROMOURREEFTOYOURS Description You will receive one frag of the item listed. Our frags are typically 3/4" to 1"+ in size. When titled WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) photos will be exactly what you receive. NON-WYSIWYG frags may differ slightly in color and size from photo. Please be aware that sales now end every 30 seconds! This is due to the sheer numbers of frags we are putting up every week! Have fun! ShippingFedEx Priority Overnight is $39.99. FedEx Priority Overnight (other) for Florida residents is $24.99. The shipping options are located directly under the offer. We do not offer free shipping with ! Please note your order can be combined with an order from our website and if you quality for free shipping on our website then you can combine your corals to that order at no additional charge. You can combine shipping for one flat rate no matter how many items purchased. Please pay for your order as soon as all the sales you've offer on end. If you have trouble combining and paying the invoice after your sales end just wait and we will send you a combined invoice to your email as soon as possible. The day your order ships, you will receive an e-mail containing your Fed-Ex tracking number. We do not require signature for delivery. However, we do implore you to acclimate your animals as soon as the package is dropped off. The health of the animals is of the utmost importance and the longer they stay in the bag the more stressed they become! We do allow in-store pickups anytime during store hours. We will not hold corals longer than one week. We do not refund or credit any shipping costs. No gift cards, coupons, or extra discounts apply to sales. 10-Day Guarantee We offer a full 10-day guarantee on all of our corals. Just email us with a clear picture of the deceased specimen within 10 days of delivery and we will be happy to replace that item on your next order. Please do not discard without WWC authorization; doing so will void the guarantee. We do not accept returns. Do not ship the item back to WWC. About WWC We are an online and walk-in state certified live coral and saltwater fish superstore located in Orlando, FL containing over 20,000+ gallons of aquaculture reef systems. We have been shipping corals for over 10 years with over 20,000+ orders shipped across the country since 2006. Hundreds of positive reviews and response across the internet so purchase with confidence. We only sell healthy, encrusting, colorful specimens, no fresh cuts here. 見 2006-2020 World Wide Corals, Inc.
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