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water purification tablets treatment fish giseases aquarium fish tank cleaning:

Free listing template designed by dewiso.com Cleanerx Aquarium Water Purification Tablets Remove Impurities Soften Water Treatment Fish Diseases Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaning Features And Further Details Specification of advanced water purification tablets: 30 tablets / bottle Function: This product can quickly remove impurities, green moss and fishy smell in the fish tank in a short time, soften the water quality, make the water clear and bright, adjust the acidity of water quality, and have no harm to fish and aquatic plants. Usage: use 1 piece of this product for every 100 kg of water. It is necessary to add enough oxygen during use. It is better to clean the filter cotton before use. If the water quality is too turoffer, appropriate amount can be added. To avoid fish swallowing, please place the whole piece directly in the filter cotton interlayer in the filter tank. Item Name : Water purification tablets Suitable For: Aquarium Fish Color: Light Gray Material: Fish Tank Water Cleaner Number Of Packages:30PCS Contact us We can be contacted at any time through messages if you have any questions, comments or product requests. We will respond to you within 24 hours and do our best to help you out! We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns! We'd like to be sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. THE BEST THING IS FROM.. FOLLOW MY STORE..
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