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SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves, 2-Inches, Best Way to Create Tropical... :

SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves, 2-Inches, Best Way to Create Tropical Rainforest Environment for Betta & Gouramis, Beneficial Leaf Conditions Water, 50 Leaves per Pack Description Every hobbyist knows how tough it is to keep their fishes comfortable and calm especially with smaller fish species. But, with a SunGrow Pack of 50 mini almond leaves, you can sustain it. Shrimps, copepods, sparkling gouramis, cory cats, and oscars love it. Some of them use it as a feeding dish. A few hide behind it and take turns sleeping in the shade of the leaf. Some will make a hammock out of it and sleep on top of it. Watch your mystery snail wear it as a hat. Each leaf measures around 2” and is great for smaller tanks. They make it easier to control the amount of tea water you wish to introduce inside your aquarium. For a 10-gallon tank, introduce around 3 leaves daily till the water reaches the color or pH you desire. When you do the water change, just add 5 leaves and the water won’t turn mellow and the pH will remain stable. The water in our country ranges from 4.3 - 5.3 and these tropical or freshwater fishes want a slightly neutral pH range (6.0 - 8.0). The low pH level can adversely affect them whereas the high pH level might curl their fins. Even frequent fluctuations in pH levels cause lethargy and stress. The Ketapang leaves from SunGrow strengthen fish scales. If you have breeding fishes, Mini Catappa leaves also serve to provide fishes with a secure place to anchor their eggs. Breeders claim it increases the male to female ratio of the fry. These fishes create a bubble nest and use this floating leaf to create them. Since you are using real leaves, you don’t have to worry about artificial coloring that may be present in bottled forms of assimilators. If you want to beautify your tank with Catappa leaves, it is advisable that you place low-light plants such as anubias, java fern, and Seller sword. Install driftwood so that the fishes get the privacy of their own. It is ready-to-use the moment you receive it in the mail. Just place a few leaves in your tank and only remove when they disintegrate. Features: ✔ GIVE A PEACEFUL HOME TO YOUR BETTA --- When fish are given their native ambiance, they tend to grow stronger. By lowering pH, they provide ideal water conditions. The Indian Almond leaves are considered to have beneficial properties and increase fish appetite.✔ HAVE A BREEDING PET? ADD CATAPPA --- The tropical fishes create bubble nests using a floating leaf to anchor their bubbles. So if your tank has a breeding tetra, guppy, platies, molly, cichlid or shrimps, just add these leaves and see them anchoring their eggs over IAL. That is a sight to behold.✔ BENEFITS OTHER FISH & SNAILS TOO --- The tea water has many advantages for fishes like tetra, discus, and goldfish. It is good for rasboras and many dwarf cichlids too. Apart from that, snail owners can benefit from the magical leaves. Giving your fish this environment calms them down. It restrains fish from getting ill easily, imparts color to them and makes their scales firmer.✔ SMALLER LEAVES, EASIER PORTION CONTROL --- Each packet contains 50 leaves measuring around 2-inches high, which is a great value for money. Smaller Catappa leaves make for easier portion control and a good way to slowly introduce your pet to a new environment especially for smaller fishes in smaller tanks.✔ ADDS BEAUTY TO NANO TANKS, SMALL BOWLS & JARS --- The Catappa leaves from SunGrow are unprocessed so you know what goes into your tank. They look pretty in a nano tank and add aesthetic beauty to your planted tank. You may even add these in individual betta jars or bowls. Product Details: Package Dimensions: 5.98 x 3.86 x 1.85 inchesItem Weight: 0.704 ouncesManufacturer: SunGrowIs Discontinued By Manufacturer: No Handling We will ship all orders within 4 business day of payment. Delivery We Do Not Ship Outside of the Continental US. Return Policy All items qualify for returns within 30 days of receipt. Buyer is responsible for return shipping on any item that is not damaged. response We take our reputation seriously, we buy and sell online, so we understand the value of trust. If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve it to your satisfaction.
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