Malaysian Driftwood "ACTUAL PIECES SHOWN" Fish Tank Aquascaping-3 Pieces 9-12" For Sale -

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Malaysian Driftwood "ACTUAL PIECES SHOWN" Fish Tank Aquascaping-3 Pieces 9-12":

Malaysian Driftwood--THE PIECE or PIECES PICTURED IS THE PIECE YOU WILL RECEIVE--Actual piece and size shown. SIZE: Length 9-12" Attractive Deep Brown Malaysian Driftwood will enhance the appearance of any aquatic or terrestrial environment.For use in aquascape design, Terrarium decor and planted Fish Tanks.Each piece has a unique shape and is hand selected as pictured.Functions as an aquarium plant base as well as a bridge from water to land.Has a natural ability to sink in water without scratching the aquarium glass.Reptiles also love to climb and bask on this material.Before adding any Malaysian Driftwood to any tank, soak the pieces in water for a number of days and / or boil the piecesto reduce the release of tannins / organics which may tint the aquarium water. Driftwood pieces may float in the beginning and would need to be soaked as advised in the above section. Depending on the size and thickness most pieces sink after a few days. We offer combined orders and combined shipping. Please contact us before purchasing. We can also find particular pieces for a particular design or project. See our other listings and Spyder wood. Though it might appear that we are new to , we are actually an experienced seller. See our automotive parts store atBestBuyAutomotiveParts.
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