Long Polyp Toadstool, 5-6 inch Large Live Leather Soft Coral Marine Reef WYSIWYG For Sale -

Long Polyp Toadstool, 5-6 inch Large Live Leather Soft Coral Marine Reef WYSIWYG

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Long Polyp Toadstool, 5-6 inch Large Live Leather Soft Coral Marine Reef WYSIWYG:

Long Polyp Toadstool Coral Frag

This is a large Toadstool Coral, approximately 5-6 inch diameter across the crown. The leather coral is covered in long tentacles with white star shaped polyps at the end. It is a fast grower and thrives in strong current and medium to high lighting. Comes attached to a small rock, roughly the size of a softball.

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Additional coral purchases come with big discounts and will be shipped combined.Livestock is placed in a plastic container, then bagged in plastic and shipped inside apharmaceuticalgrade insulated bag within a cardboard box. Heat/cool packs are used if needed to maintain temperature.
Orders typically shipMon-Thurs, for arrivals on Tues-Fri,1-2businessdays after purchase. I will messageyou to confirm delivery dates before shipment. When you receive tracking info, it is yourresponsibilityto track the order and be ready for delivery.Please message me with any shipping questions!LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEEIn the rare event of a Death on Arrival, credit will be issued, or replacement anemone/coral. MUSTsend digital photos of dead livestock within 3 hours of UPS delivery time to receive credit/replacement. Guarantee is void if livestock perishes due to box being left outside your house because no one is there to receive it.
Properly acclimate your new coral to the water chemistry, temperature and lighting of your tank. Dipping coral to prevent introduction of pests orhitchhikersinto your tank recommended. Please research the proper dipping protocol for corals before attempting. Corals may take several hours or days to fully open up to full size as they are stressed from shipping and acclimating to new conditions.
Oncesettled into your tank, this coral will grow well in low-mid lightintensities and water flow while providing great water quality. These corals naturally split, producing multiple clones from one by shedding branches occasionally. Frags can be manually created by snipping pieces off and attached to rubble rock or plugs.
Additional acclimation, care, and husbandry information for anemones, corals & other marine life should beresearchedand understood before purchase! Marine Corals and Anemones can sting, irritate skin and even cause allergic reaction in some when touched. Always handle with care. Beware many corals and anemones will sting and kill other corals and livestock. Livestock can harbor or introduce unwanted pests orhitchhikersto your tank. Millstone-Inc is not responsible or liable for any damages and injury resulting from your purchase.
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