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Live Soft Coral (Nephthea Leather Coral)  Not a Frag!:

Live Soft Coral (Nephthea Leather Coral) Not a Frag!. Condition is excellent health. Nephthea is a tan branching tree coral with very fine polyps extending from the branches. this soft coral has less rigid structure than some of the other tree like soft corals making its movement more fluid in normal tank flow. Its important to give corals their own space in the aquarium. Recommend giving them at least 2 - 3 inches of their own space so they do not sting or irritate other corals. This gives them room to grow and proper conditions they will grow several inches in year or less. This is not a tiny frag! Each cut is between 3 - 4"+ when open. Each cut is mounted to piece of coral or clam shell. I also have larger pieces available if you are interested? Your coral/corals will be shipped USPS Priority Mail Express one business day express. Ship Mon-Thur excluding holidays.In the very rare event that your coral(s) are dead on arrival, you must file a DOA claim. Please email a picture of the dead coral in the sealed bag for verification within 4 hours from delivery. Once its out of the bag DOA guarantee is void, no exceptions. Once approved the purchase price will be credited or arrangements will be made to send a replacement. Please note: shipping is non refundable. Thank you for your understanding.
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