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Live Pulsing Xenia Waving Hand Pom Pom Coral Frag Fast Free Shipping:

Up for sale are frags of Pulsing Xenia coral frags. Pulsing Xenia is an awesome coral whose polyps actively open and close throughout the day. Pulsing Xenia are typically hardy and easy to care for coral. These frags are actively opening and closing prior to shipping. Frags are mounted on a 1-1/8 crown 7/16 base frag plug. Frags have been healing for at least one month after being fragged from the mother colony. Listing is for one frag, feel free to order multiple. Frags are of good size, see pictures for examples of coral frags you will receive. The last picture is of the mother colony. Shipping is fast and free via FedEx 2 day shipping. Corals are shipped in a good amount of water, insulated box, and when needed a heat pack. GSP coral is generally very hardy and a good shipper. I ship only Mondays -Wednesdays. Acclimation and introduction to the tank should happen as soon as the coral is received. Im happy to work with you on any DOA issues, please send pictures and contact me within 2 hours of receiving your coral.
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