Live Betta Fish J350 Female Fancy KOI Nemo HM for Breeding from Thailand For Sale -

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Live Betta Fish J350 Female Fancy KOI Nemo HM for Breeding from Thailand:

"Fancy KOI Nemo HM" Video Review : null READ BEFORE offerDING OR BUYING OUR BETTA “ We do not Refund, if you are not follow our details explanation on Shipping Method” There will be 2 shipping charges : First, from Thailand to USA [$5.00 - $10.00] Second, from Trans-shipper in your country to your HOME ADDRESS. [$12.00 - $50.00] You must provide us your email to put tag label on FISH BAG. And contact the trans-shipper to arrange the day fish will send to your home address TS does not work on system, they will send invoice on Import tax, Shipping fee, re-handling charge etc. to your email only. DOA [ Death on Arrival ] All fish are packed 2 layer bags inside, you must open the first layer to check and see fish alive in the bag or not. If you make bag broken, you cannot claim for replacement or REFUND.If fish dead on arrival: you must take a clear picture within 2 hrs. Upon receiving your fish back to us. [We can check with the trans-shipper who send fish by USPS for the time that fish come to your home address. We do not refund or accept your claim after the 2 hrs. Mentioned above. We take responsible only within 7 days after the fish marked sent out from . Or within 3 days after the Trans-shipper sent and delivered fish to your home address. [Refer by the tracking number from the TS] WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE RETURN FISHIf Fish arrive with the DOA rule, we will give replacement of the same value of fish to you. Or in some case you can ask for the refund on the value of fish only [ not included in the shipping fee ] Sending a new fish replacement for you, there will be additional shipping fee from Thailand to USA and from the TS to your home address again. [You do not need to pay for the Fish] IF YOU CAN ACCEPT THE TERMS ABOVE : YOU CAN offer & BUY FISH WITH BTDMALL By Law in each country, all live stock must be shipped to the license import agents known as “Trans-shipper” who manage all legalities on custom clearances, inspection on fish & wild life protection with all decease that may occur in their land. Combine shipping cost with many bettas that you buy, would be much cheaper but you have to inform the TS about how many fishes you have on the way to him/her. Video Review : We take a hard time to make a real video on the fish that you are interested, in order to see their real color, but some time fishes are with our betta farmers in rural area outside BKK, we can give only good photos of the fish for younull Payment Method: We accept paypal only Make the payment within 2 days after you win on the offer, otherwise we will open the case to cancel and relist this betta for others who may want it. Trans-shippers in each country : USA: 1. Koo Yang : Saint Paul, Minnesota 2. Jesus Fuentes (Jesse) : Miami, Florida 3. Linda Olson : Denver , Colorado 4. Joel Fernandez : Dallas, Texas In Europe : We send to Germany : forward to most countries in Europe by USPS Mr. Jan Sabmann : German Live Betta Fish J350 Female Fancy KOI Nemo HM for Breeding from Thailand Sex: Female Age: 3 - 3.5 months Size: 1.5” [ Excluding tail] GETTING TO KNOW NATURE OF BETTAS 🔸 Changeable Pattern : Bettas have got marble genes which means fish can grow up with changeable pattern as their ages, much or less depends on each betta and what your treat them. *** We cannot stop fish growing up as well as marble gene changes. You might receive fish that got just a bit changing pattern, because that fish grew up fast from the day we took its photos. Please understand: this is the Nature of Betta! IF TOTALLY CHANGE, WE WON'T SELL BUT RETAKE PHOTOS *** Mostly fresh water retains colors. Strong Indian almond leaves water bring colors out 🔸 Pale Colors and Tail Broken: When you open the box, you'll see fish look Pale or have some damage tail behind. It's because of the stress from long travelling, feeling hungry by staying many days in the bag so they bite their own tail behind. Use some Indian Almond Leaves mix with Sea Salt in the water tank, it will take time for them to grow their tail back to normal again. Please let it take a rest overnight, your betta will regain their strength and all colors. Note: Betta fish can change colors as they age. This is natural. No Returns & No Refund on live fish that already sent into your country.
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