Complete Reef System with Apex Neptune COR Pumps Octopus Skimmer Refugium LED ++ For Sale -

Complete Reef System with Apex Neptune COR Pumps Octopus Skimmer Refugium LED ++

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Complete Reef System with Apex Neptune COR Pumps Octopus Skimmer Refugium LED ++:

This is a complete system that I built three years ago and successfully ran a Reef tank. All the cords, connections etc are there, I cleaned everything well and it is ready to hook back up. The web based control, monitoring, cause and effect programing ability of this thing was nothing short of amazing, it was like running a mini-ICU in your house, with full knowledge and control, be sure to take full advantage of this autonomous system if you buy the setup. Regards the two COR pumps, one was runningal the time the other was a backup running at 10% so as not to clog or freeze from disuse. So why am I selling? Aptasia- I hate the stuff!!! I let it go too long and could not catch back up. BTW this whole system was submerged in white vinegar and acetic acid for a day and then cleaned, thats why it looks new, and is certain to be biologically sterile.
Here are the parts:
  1. Apex Neptune WiFi controller
  2. COR 15 pump
  3. COR 20 pump
  4. DOS dosing units X2
  5. Fluid management system, Auto Top Off, freshwater refill (one month old)
  6. Reef Octopus 150INT skimmer
  7. CO2 reactor (large) absorbent material included
  8. Refugium LED with industrial, variable output 27V transformer. 3 CREE 50 watt LEDs and heavy aluminum fan cooled (150watts total!)
  9. Extra Gyre controller, and two IceCap controllers (without powerheads)
  10. Bulk reef supply small standalone doser
  11. Glass reservoir (used with Red Sea NO3 PO4-X) and two plastic Bulk Reef Supply containers (Alk, and Calcium)
  12. Random magnetic holders (for probes) and whatever else
So, its used, and not everything is perfect, here are the problems:
  • Probes are finicky and the Ph one is dead for sure, these are consumables in my opinion I had to change them every year or so so figure their time is up now.
  • The skimmer powerhead, stopped working a month ago but I didnt bother to clean it, each time in the past once or twice a year it did this and I had to take out the impeller and clean it well. So probably fine, but buyer beware
  • The DOS dosers, these things are great but the peristaltic tubing does not last, I recommend replacing the tubing head every year or so, to avoid surprise failure, these were working but are at least a year old, figure on new ones.
  • Gyre controllers are fine but they don not include the heads! So figure they are freebies, not much good without heads. Again the heads last a couple years, mine were wearing down, I didnt include them they were not worthy of any trust.
  • The Apex auto top off is new- a month or less, (the sensors included) a complete unit was purchased pre vacation. BTW sensors at least mine are not good forever, every couple years one or both would quit working, so figure your ahead for now, but they are consumables as well.
  • The COR pumps, were very reliable, but regards the connection fitting to your tank you will need the other half of a 3/4" slip fitting to plumb into your set up
  • The refugium LED, no problems actually, I overbuilt it making this from the best parts available, its 100% reliable and a beast, you can't use anywhere near the wattage, but it has a variable supply function complete, included, I ran it at more like 25% through the Apex and it grew cheto like a weed outcompeting any algae. Actually be careful, it will over compete the reef inhabitants, so use your Apex and run it limited times in the day or night as I did
I have no idea what it will cost to ship, but I'll charge $150 flat rate, and return anything remaining.

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