Cat Litter Box Large Capacity New Version Pura Max Self-Cleaning Automatic For Sale -

Cat Litter Box Large Capacity New Version Pura Max Self-Cleaning Automatic

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Cat Litter Box Large Capacity New Version Pura Max Self-Cleaning Automatic :

Cat Litter Box Large Capacity New Version Pura Max Self-Cleaning Automatic

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  • PURRFECTLY SAFE FOR CATS-- PURA MAX has several safety mechanisms as well as excellent smart sensors. The xSecure system consists of an infrared sensor, weight sensors, remote alerts, an accident protection system, and smart detections so that you never have to worry about your cat with PURA MAX. In addition, PURA MAX automatically pauses when your cat approaches or detects a weight change.
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CAT’S HEALTH-- The smart sensors allow you to track your cat’s weight, times of use, duration of use, and litter capacity. So you can keep track of your cat's health at all times.
  • A HANDS-FREE CLEANING EXPERIENCE-- PURA MAX has 3 alternative cleaning modes. You can set the device to scheduled or automatic cleaning mode via the app and PURA MAX automatically removes waste as soon as your cat leaves the litter box.
  • NO MORE STICKY POOPS-- With the specially made TPE rubber, PURA MAX prevents soft stools from sticking to the cat litter box and keeps your cat's toilet clean at all times.
  • DETACHABLE DEODORIZER TO PREVENT ODOR-- The PURA AIR smart spray, a detachable odor removal device, keeps the air in your home fresh and clean.
  • FOR ALL CLUMPING CAT LITTER-- PURA MAX is compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litter such as clay litter, tofu litter, mixed litter, and more.
  • EXTRA-LARGE CAPACITY-- The extra-large waste container allows up to 15 days free of scooping for one cat​.
  • SUITABLE FOR-- Cats heavier than 3.5lbs and older than 6 months.
  • A GENTLE REMINDER-- Please do not place the PURA MAX on carpet or any other mat. The entrance of PURA MAX should not be covered by any other large objects, otherwise it will affect the work of the sensors.
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