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Cabomba Purple Live Aquarium Plants Bunch planted tank BUY 2 GET 1 FREE :

WE DO NOT SHIP THIS PLANT TO CALIFORNIA Welcome to my listing. I specialize on live aquatic plants. Please check my store for more amazing plants click here and Visit our *********REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY FROM US*** ALL PLANTS ARE GROWN IN FLORIDA AND SHIP FROM FLORIDA HERE IN THE US *** *** THIS sale SHIPS USING FAST PRIORITY MAIL, NO SLOW FIRST CLASS LIKE MOST SELLERS *** *** 14 DAYS RETURNS EVEN IF THE REASON IS YOU DO NOT LIKE HOW THE PLANTS LOOK IN YOUR TANK ****** YOU WILL RECEIVE AS A GIFT 3 STEMS OF A DIFFERENT EXTRA MYSTERY PLANT OF MY CHOOSING*** This sale is for a bundle of Cabomba Purple. You will get 1 bundle, each bundle contains 6 stems. The plants will be similar to the one that you see on the picture of the listing. I will also include a mystery plant of my choosing. GREEN CABOMBA PURPLE DESCRIPTIONCare Level: Easy-ModerateLight Needs: Low- Medium Plant Structure: StemFamily: CabombaceaeGenus: CabombaRegion: North AmericaLocation: Southern North AmericaSize: Individual stem 1' 8" Growth Rate: FastCan Be Grown Emersed: No this plant require water. It can grow planted on aquariums or as a floating plant in ponds The Cabomba, also known as the Carolina Fanwort, has feathery green leaves, which are divided into narrow segments. It is a densely growing plant that makes for a wonderful, natural looking background in a planted aquarium. These plants do not tolerate frequent trimming and transplanting please only trim them at least after 3-4 months on your tank to give time the plant to adjust to your water and environment. Leaves dropping from the plant are usually a sign of poor water conditions or CO2 deficiency. Propagate the Cabomba by trimming branches from the main plant, and relocating them in another part of the aquarium. It should be placed in the back or sides of your aquarium in groups for the best appearance. SHIPPING: Shipping is free. We only ship to the US including Puerto Rico. No international shipping. We ship only USPS priority mail that takes usually 2-3 days to deliver. Please remember that the delivery date shows you is just an estimate of arrival and not the real thing. You will get a tracking number it is important you check this tracking number 2-3 times each day to see when the box will arrive to your home. Please make sure you are at home the day of the arrival or arrange for some one to be there to receive the plants and that knows how to properly care for the plants. The less time they spend on the box the better. I ship Monday thru Wednesday in order to avoid the weekend cause usps does not delivers to many locations. All orders placed after Tuesday 12 PM will be ship next Monday PAYMENT: We only accept paypal as a form of payment.YOUR ADDRESS: Before buying any plants you must make sure that your physical address on your paypal account is correct. Sometimes people move and they dont change the address. If you need your plants ship to a friend or family member please leave a note when you check out telling me the full name and address. Also make sure the person knows the tracking number of the order. I cant be held responsible for plant ship to the wrongaddress cause the buyer did not updated their address on or paypal. If you buy several items and some are going to a friends and other to you please make sure you are very specific when you check out and leave me a note telling me this.RETURNS: You can return plants in the first 14 days. Please do not return any item without contacting me first for instructions. THE SHIPPING COST OFRETURNING ITEMS IS RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER AND IT MUST USE PRIORITY MAIL DEAD ON ARRIVAL, NOT AS DESCRIBED ITEMS OR DAMAGED PLANTS OR BOXES: Plants tend to suffer when on shipping. It is normal for them to lose some leaves, get a lighter or darker color or even to smell funny and look mushy. Remember that the plants have spent 3 days inside a box with no water sunlight or proper air. They will recover their normal color and grow once on your tank. IF YOU RECEIVE EXTREMELY DAMAGED PLANTS, FROZEN PLANTS OR A BOX THAT HAS BEEN BROKEN OR DAMAGE IN ANY WAY PLEASE TAKE PICTURES. The only way to prove that your plants arrived dead is taking a picture and sending the pictureS to us using message system. There is an option on messages to upload pictures. After the delivery of the box you have 48 hours to send a picture of the dead plants. I will refund or replace the damaged plants only when pictures are provided. This is done todiscourage fraud and scam artists. If after 48 hours there are not pictures of dead or not as described plants I will consider they arrived in good order. PROBLEMS AND QUESTIONS: If you encounter any problem or questions please send me an email using the email system. DO NOT OPEN A CASE. A case is something you should open when the buyer and the seller do not understand each other. If you are having and problem send me a message and I will fix it. response AND RATINGS: I try to do my best. If you encounter any problems always contact me before deciding to leave negative or neutral response. I can solve any problem to the buyers satisfaction but you should contact and let me know what is happening. Stem plants like the one on this sale ship without roots as cuttings. Once the cuttings are planted they will create a root system. Please remember that as a buyer you are required to know what plants are legal to keep on your state. You should know this before placing any order. It is the sole responsibility of the costumer to know the local regulations on lie aquarium plants on his state, country, municipality etc Tho we do our best to keep snails and other pets away from the plants and it is very rare for you to encounter any of those our plants the plants are not guarantee to be snail or pest free. There is a small possibility they contain algae, snails, worms and other invertebrates. Plants are grown in an aquatic nursery. There might be traces of the substrate they were grown in: dirt, mud, gravel etc. Plants might smell due to being in transit for several days. Stem plants are ship as cuttings without roots since this is the correct method of propagation. We only guarantee dead on arrival plants. We cant guarantee success with any live plants since we are not in control of the environment the plants will be place on, Most orders are ship First class on a mailer bag or envelope inside a Ziploc bag in a paper towel to keep them moist. After being in the mail for several days plants might smell, have some form of discolorations (look yellow or brown) and drop some leafs due to the stress of shipping. All this is normal due to the fact the plants have been in the mail.
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