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Brand New 1 HP Glycol Chiller - Penguin Chillers

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Brand New 1 HP Glycol Chiller - Penguin Chillers:

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Penguin Chillers standard-line of glycol chillers are built with a triple helix copper coil that allows us tokeep the setup small yetpowerful enough to meet your chilling needs. Our standard line of glycol chillers are suitable for applications down to around 5 Fahrenheit depending on the heat load. The built-in controller maintains the glycol mixtures temperature at its set point. This makes it ideal for the brewing market, along with many other low temperature applications. By adding a submersible pump, the chilled glycol mixture can then be pumped out to equipment requiring cooling. There are 8 inletsand 8 outlets 3/8″ tubing fittingsinthe lid of the reservoir along with an additional opening to run the power cord for a pump through. The insulated reservoir holds 3 gallons of glycol. Our standard line of chillers can also be used as a bath type chiller as well.

It’s our recommendation to use a 35 – 40% glycol to water mix due to the ease of calculating the mix ratio and the buffer it provides. Depending upon the application (desired operating temp/freeze point) you can use any combination of water to glycol mix ratio that you prefer however, it’s a standard practice for brewing applications to use a 35% to 40% mix ratio. During testing we used a 50/50 glycol to water mix ratio to temperatures as low as negative -14 Fahrenheit without any freezing issues.

Mixing Example: 1 Gallon of Glycol + 1.75 Gallon of Water = 36.3% Glycol Mix.
1.75 Gallons of liquid also equals 7 quarts or 14 Pints or 28 Cups of liquid.

While our chillers are perfect for maintaining fermentation temperatures/crash cooling, it’s not recommended to use them for dropping wortfrom boiling temperatures. It is a common practice touse either a 2-stage system where the chiller pre-cools the water which then cools the boiling wort or you can use water to drop the temperatures down to about 100F, then switch over to using the chiller. NOTE: the glycol mixture returning to the chiller should never be allowed to reach more than 100 Fahrenheit.

It is a typical scenario to use one pump per fermenter or vessel that you wish to cool. In this type of setup, each pump used will require its own individual controller allowing for the pump to be turned on and off independently of other pumps. The controller on the Chilleritself will regulate the glycol temperature withinthechillers reservoir (for example say 28 Fahrenheit).The controller attached to the pump will monitor the temperature of your vessel/fermenter and regulate the flow of the cooled glycol to the vessel to chill to your desired temperature.Our chillers can be customized to meet your load needs.

Sizing a Glycol Chiller for Brewing:

These suggestions assume a decently insulated vessel (neoprene jacket or better) in a modest ambient temperature of 80 Fahrenheit. If your setup is un-insulated or running in hotter ambient conditions, you’ll need to allow for more BTU per hour. The cold crash is figured for about 18 hours. If you want a faster crash you’ll need to add more BTU’s per hour. When in doubt, use the suggestions for a vessel that is one to two sizes larger than your actual size.

All Penguin Chillers are proudly MADE IN AMERICA! Penguin Chillers are constructed using only the highest quality materials. Our use of over-sized titanium coils provides the extra surface area needed for faster more efficient cooling and prevents leaching in salt water. Our Chillers can be customized to meet your load needs. By purchasing your unit directly from us, the U.S. manufacturer, we can continue offering you quality service throughout the life of your unit. Contact us for more information.

  • 110v - 120v / 7.2 A / 830W
  • 1 Horsepower, 3 Gallon Resevoir
  • 28″L x 19″W x17″H
  • 59 dBA (Quiet)
  • 5250 BTU @ 28F
  • 95 lbs, 6ft power cord
  • 1 year product warranty
  • Proudly Built in USA

Free Shipping within the continental US is included. For an additional charge, Penguin Chillers also ships directly to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada (Contact us for accurate quotes).

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