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Aquariumx Gravel Cleaner Vacuum Handheld Siphon Pump With Filter Nozzle Fish Tan:

Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Vacuum Handheld Siphon Pump with Long Filter Nozzle All-in-One Water Changer Aquarium Cleaning AccessoriesPackage Including1 x Aquarium Gravel CleanerMaterial: plasticColor: as the pictureTotal Length: 143 cm/ 60"★ Gravel Vacuum Cleaner Usage:1. put the water inlet mouth into the fish tank, and put the outlet mouth into the bucket to press hand bulb 3-4 times. Using the siphon principle, the water can flow out automatically.Note: the water outlet must be lower than the water inlet when using.2. After the water flows out, please put water inlet tube in the place where there are many dirtys. Stirring on the gravel can absorb the dirtys with the water.Note: small fine sand particles may be sucked away during use.3. In addition, if you want to reuse the used water in the aquarium, place a filter at the front end of the drain pipe hose and use the clean water again.CLEAN TANK, HAPPY FISH:This handheld siphon pump filters dirt and debris, food, fish waste and toxins that build up in the aquarium.Getting rid of these impurities is vital to maintain the health of your fishes’ immune system.The filter attachment is safe for small fish and invertebrates so they won’t get sucked up while draining.QUICK AND EASY TO USE:Just a few squeezes of the blue operation bulb is needed to easily initiate the siphon.When it is in full flow it can drain 30 liters of water in 5 minutes.It has a long stem to reach where needed and is faster and cleaner than a scoop.DURABLE MATERIAL:This durable handheld siphon pump is made with robust, high-quality polyethylene.PE is heavy-duty and able to withstand the regular water changes necessary to keep fish healthy and happy.It is able to take any dirt or debris thrown at it so you can use this siphon time and time again.
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