8+2 Adult Neocaridina Candy Skittle Live Shrimp Mixed Colors Aquarium with FOOD For Sale -

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8+2 Adult Neocaridina Candy Skittle Live Shrimp Mixed Colors Aquarium with FOOD:

8+ 2bonus (to cover DOA) 10TOTAL ADULT SKITTLE CANDY COLOR SHRIMP You'll receive 8 Skittle Candy Color Shrimp plus 2 extra Shrimp in the case of DOA 
 You will receive at least 3 types / colors of the following Neocaridina Shrimps: Cherry Shrimp, Blue Dream Shrimp, Yellow Golden-Back Shrimp, Lime Green Shrimp & Orange Pumpkin Shrimp any others colors shrimp 
 WE WILL NOT SHIP LIVE STOCK THURSDAY - SUNDAY WE ONLY SHIP OUT MONDAY- WEDNESDAY These are freshwater Shrimp that are incredibly peaceful and renowned for their algae eating capabilities. Suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists as they are very undemanding requiring very little upkeep. If you watch them you will see that they spend large periods of their day grazing on whatever is in your aquarium; plants, moss, substrate etc. They are very active throughout the day and night. Our shrimp possess a very vibrant red cherry hue and are bred for their healthy genetics. You will receive Md/Lg Adult size Candy color Shrimp ranging from 1-1.5 cm The water in the tank must be stabilized before the shrimp is placed in the tank. When they arrive, they will be a little stressed from the shipping and will look white/clear. Give them some time to settle in and color up. Special Notes Because shrimp are sensitive to their environment, there are a few other things to keep in mind. For example, copper, copper based and even some non-copper based fish medication can seriously harm them. Always research whether medication you want to use in your shrimp tank is actually safe or not before using it, as the wrong medication can kill off an entire colony. Wash any new plants/decorations before introducing them to the tank. Feeding your Shrimp is easy. Like many omnivores, they love variety. They will eat almost any aquarium food but love shrimp pellets, algae wafers, blanched vegetables (zucchini, carrots, etc.), or one of the more exotic foods on the market. Many shrimp keepers suggest that you feed only every other day, or at least put no food into the tank one day per week. We recommend you try to remove uneaten food after 2-3 hours as it will release toxic ammonia and nitrite as it decomposes. Live stock- Our LIVESTOCK are incredibly healthy. We package all livestock carefully and according to climate. We have had wonderful success, however, if something may occur during handling, the following guarantee applies. Guarantee live arrival or full item replacement minus shipping cost. DOA must be reported within an hour of reported delivery time per carrier. Clear photos must be submitted within that hour. We won't issue a refund if your package is delivered and not attended to for 3-4 hours, please be responsible and track your package on USPS website so that you can be there to receive them. Do not discard DOA livestock until photos are received and acknowledged so that your replacement may be processed (it will be quick). Refusal may void guarantee. In the case of “Dead on Arrival” you must CONTACT US VIA 1 WITHIN HOUR OF DELIVERY. DO NOT remove the deceased from the original shipping bag and DO NOT discard the deceased item without authorization from us. Doing so will void all guarantees. We WILL NOT cover any losses caused by delivery failures or flight delays. Once removed from the shipping bag, the responsibility of its health and well-being is transferred to the owner. Shipped with USPS priority mail We are not responsible for any deaths that may occur during the acclimation process, aggression within tank mates or if water quality is poor! "Please read entire listings before offerding or buying, by offerding on our sale or buying you're have accepted all our policies stated above." THANK FOR VISITING OUR sale. WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT.
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