6 packs Azodyl 90 Capsules F. dog and cats with chronic kidney disease exp 03/23 For Sale -

6 packs Azodyl 90 Capsules F. dog and cats with chronic kidney disease exp 03/23

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6 packs Azodyl 90 Capsules F. dog and cats with chronic kidney disease exp 03/23:

6 packs Azodyl 90 Capsules F. dog and cats with chronic kidney disease exp 7 MARCH 2023 latest production. I study and research animals , dogs, cats since 1981 This is magister Bajan from Virginia USA.6packs Azodyl 90 Capsules F. dog and cats with acute or chronic kidney disease. Latest production/ Yes we do ship on Dry ice to all Europe and to Poland and all USA, Canada, Australia and Israel.

This is Over-the-counter veterinarymedicine is also known as OTC or nonprescription medicine.

All these terms refer to medicine that you can buy without a prescription.

They are safe and effective when you follow the directions on the labeland as directed.

This is not prescription item from a doctor. Not RX itembut widely sold in any local farmand pet store in world and in the USA.

his is Not listed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Green Bookas a restricted item.

This is available over the counter product.

I study Bees and Animal since 1981My name is Lech Alex Bajan shippingfrom USA zip 22201.

We work 7 day per week 8 AM to 8 PM EST Arlington Virginia zip 222018x Dry Ice great insulated packing.6 packs Azodyl 90 Capsules F. dog and cats with acute or chronic kidney diseaseI study animals since 1981I ship worldwide.

Klaniasie absolwent Technikum Pszczelarskiegoz roku 1986.


Member of the WhiteHouse Task to save the HoneyBees.

USA and Poland. I deliver and I have great reputation worldwide.

What is Azodyl?

Azodyl® Caps is a nutritional supplement designed to help dogs and cats with renal failure. It slows down uremic toxin buildup, which helps prevent further kidney damage. The patented formulation of naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria flushes out the uremic toxins that have diffused in the bowel, reducing damage and failure. Azodyl helps prevent further complications from kidney disease in dogs and cats.

Who is Azodyl for?
Cats and Dogs
How is Azodyl used?

  • Animals weighing up to 5lbs. Give 1 capsules daily.
  • Animals weighing 5-10lbs. Give 2 capsules daily.
  • Animals weighing more than 10lbs. Give 3 capsules daily. 2 capsules am, 1 capsule pm.
  • Studiuję zwierzęta od 1981 roku. Nie jestem tylko sprzedawcą . Wysyłka z USA na suchy lód. Wysyłka międzynarodowa do Europy, Kanada 55,00 $ (suchy lód kosztuje więcej)

  • Co to jest Azodyl?

  • Azodyl® Caps to suplement diety przeznaczony dla psów i kotów z niewydolnością nerek. Powoduje spowolnienie gromadzenia toksyny mocznicowej, co pomaga zapobiegać dalszym uszkodzeniom nerek. Opatentowany preparat naturalnie występujących pożytecznych bakterii wypłukuje toksyny mocznicowe, które rozproszyły się w jelitach, zmniejszając uszkodzenia i niepowodzenia. Azodyl pomaga zapobiegać dalszym powikłaniom z powodu chorób nerek u psów i kotów.

  • Dla kogo jest Azodyl?

  • Koty i psy

  • Jak stosować Azodyl?

  • Dozowanie:

  • Zwierzęta ważące do 5 kg. Daj 1 kapsułkę dziennie.
  • Zwierzęta ważą 5-10 kg. Daj 2 kapsułki dziennie.
  • Zwierzęta ważące więcej niż 10 kg. Daj 3 kapsułki dziennie. 2 kapsułki, 1 kapsułka po południu.
  • Ich studiere Tiere seit 1981. Ich bin nicht nur ein -Verkäufer. Versand aus den USA auf Trockeneis. Internationaler Versand nach Europa, Kanada $ 55.00 (Trockeneis kostet mich mehr)

  • Was ist Azodyl?

  • Azodyl® Caps ist ein Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Hunde und Katzen mit Nierenversagen. Es verlangsamt die Ansammlung von Urämie, was weitere Nierenschäden verhindert. Die patentierte Formulierung von natürlich vorkommenden nützlichen Bakterien spült die urämischen Toxine, die im Darm diffundiert sind, aus und reduziert Schaden und Versagen. Azodyl hilft, weitere Komplikationen bei Nieren- und Katzenerkrankungen zu verhindern.

  • Für wen ist Azodyl?

  • Katzen und Hunde

  • Wie wird Azodyl verwendet?

  • Dosierung:

  • Tiere mit einem Gewicht von bis zu 5 Pfund. Gib 1 Kapsel täglich.
  • Tiere mit einem Gewicht von 5-10 kg. Gib 2 Kapseln täglich.
  • Tiere mit einem Gewicht von mehr als 10 Pfund. Gib 3 Kapseln täglich. 2 Kapseln morgens, 1 Kapsel pm.
  • Studio animali dal 1981. Non sono solo un venditore di . Spedizione dagli USA su ghiaccio secco. Spedizione internazionale in Europa, Canada $ 55,00 (il ghiaccio secco mi costa di più)

  • Cos'è Azodyl?

  • Azodyl® Caps è un integratore alimentare progettato per aiutare cani e gatti con insufficienza renale. Rallenta l'accumulo di tossine uremiche, che aiuta a prevenire ulteriori danni ai reni. La formulazione brevettata di batteri benefici presenti in natura espelle le tossine uremiche che si sono diffuse nell'intestino, riducendo i danni e il fallimento. Azodyl aiuta a prevenire ulteriori complicazioni da malattie renali nei cani e nei gatti.

  • Per chi è Azodyl?

  • Cani e gatti

  • Come si usa Azodyl?

  • dosaggio:

  • Animali che pesano fino a 5 libbre. Dare 1 capsule al giorno.
  • Animali che pesano 5-10 libbre. Dare 2 capsule al giorno.
  • Animali che pesano più di 10 £. Dare 3 capsule al giorno. 2 capsule, 1 capsula pm.

How much Azodyl will I receive?

Each bottle contains 90 small capsules.

Cold Shipping Information.

Since this product needs refrigeration, it ships in cooler boxes with ice packs at no additional cost to you.

Also, this product can only be shipped via Next day or 2nd day as the ice packs will only last a few days. We now offer flat rate shipping for FedEx 2 day service. We only ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid weekend delays.


Azodyl is a nutritional supplement used to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease in dogs and cats. Azodyl contains a patented form of beneficial bacteria called Kibow Biotics. It has the ability to metabolize and flush out uremic toxins, reducing azotemia associated with chronic kidney disease. Studies show that Azodyl has the potential to decrease uremic solutes in the blood and prolong survival in renal insufficiency. Azodyl can be used alone or in conjunction with Epakitin, Renal K+ or other chronic kidney disease treatments. Small capsules.

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