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48" X 96" X 84" Heavy Duty Catio Outdoor Cat Enclosure:

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[isdntekvideo] 48" X 96" X 84" Heavy Duty Catio
  • (4) 48" X 8" Catio Shelves
  • (2) 96" X 8" Catio Shelves
  • (1) 48" X 96" Heavy Duty Wire Top
  • (4) 24" X 48" raised Can Explore Outside and Get Natural Exercise
  • Keeps Cats Safe from Outside Predators
  • Keeps Cats from Escaping and Getting Lost
  • Protects Birds and Wildlife from Your Cats
  • Reduce Free Roaming and Feral Cat Communities
  • Easily Expandable for Future Growth
  • Easy Set Up Only A Few Tools Required
  • Build Your Own or Get Pre-Made Packages
  • Powder Coated for Long Durable Lifespan
  • Heavy Duty 3/16” Welded 2” x 2” wire
  • Optional Canvas Tops Available
  • Hundreds of Configuration Available
  • Cats love to explore, climb, and play. But those activities aren’t always appropriate inside the home. Yet letting your pet go outside alone is fraught with danger. The answer to entertaining your cat and providing needed exercise is the “Catio!”

    What is a Catio?

    A catio is a customizable play land for your cat or multiple cats. It’s like a jungle gym, providing fun and physical activity by climbing, running, jumping and perching up high, to hide, sleep, sunbath or just observe the world in total safety from busy roads, getting lost, or being attacked by other animals. If your cats are bored, being destructive, or gaining weight, think Catio.

    Even though Catio can be used outdoors, indoor use is also a great option to provide activity for your pets or to keep them out of mischief. And remember Catio creates more territory for cats to play and romp by taking advantage of vertical space.

    Catio cages come in many sizes and configurations to fit any space andbudget.

    Catio delivers value. Providing top end quality at significantly lower pricing. They are perfect for home use and are excellent for rescue shelters, adoption facilities and professional offices.

    Whether it’s a stand-alone unit, a low-profile cat tunnel that runs around the perimeter of your yard, or an ultimate playground that includes tunnels, bridges, stairs, ramps and towers - your cats will have a blast.

    Get creative and design something totally unique. Mix and match enclosures, tunnels, towers and options to customize a jungle gym that your pet will love. Or use one of our preconfigured sets such as:

    The Jungle

    This grand Catio has a small foot print but takes advantage of vertical space and a cat’s nature. Cats love to climb, sit up high, sleep, hide and view their surroundings. Right away, you’ll notice the epic tower with a hideout crow's nest at the top. Combined with tunnels and towers this unit gives your cats tons space.

    The Urban Forest

    This super fun playground gives you the feel of an amusement park for cats. Three catios are connected with, ramps, stairs, bridges and tunnels. The vertical extension increases the center catio to the height of 12’; giving your cat the height that it loves to gaze out at the world.

    The Residential Retreat

    Is a budget friendly option with smaller enclosures and fewer bridges and ramps, while still providing the feel of an adventure world play set.

    Catios are constructed using heavy duty, powder coated, 3/16” welded 2” x 2” wire. All shelves are carpeted, giving cats a comfortable surface to lay on, and can also serve as scratching posts. Shelves are spaced so cats can easily jump from one shelf to the next. Tunnels, ramps, stairs and bridges are 8” wide x 12” tall so they are large enough for cats to get by each other or turn around. Catios also provide protection from sun and rain with optional canvas tops, even on the passageways. The raised flooring at the bottom of each Catio keeps your pet up, off the ground and clean and comfortable.

    Catios comes in 7 sizes, from 2’x 4’x 4’ tall up to 4’x 8’x 7’ tall. Tunnels, ramps, bridges and stairs come in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths.

    Towers are 8"x 22"x 8' tall with an optional hideout at the top.

    Larger units come with a framed door that can be locked with a pad lock. The smaller units have a wire door with a non-lockable wire latch.

    A Catio can be accessed from almost any window or door by using a cat door and placing the enclosure next to the window, or using a ramp, tunnel or stair section to access the unit.

    Optional accessories include:

    -8” x 10” tunnel access doors, that ensure you are able to reach your cat mid tunnel. These can be placed in strategic locations. They latch with a simple wire clip.

    -Tunnel mounting posts with stakes, single post or tandem post (for more stability) can be cut to length to accommodate uneven ground.

    -Water proof canvas tunnel tops with velcro straps, to hold the canvas in place.

    -Adjustable stairs, can be upgraded from ramps at the time of purchase.

    Order yours online today, or feel free to call our professional staff for assistance. Either way you receive a free cat hammock to put in your Catio with purchase.

    Assembly is simple

    The four sides of the enclosure come connected like an accordion. Simply stand in place and connect the last corner with zip ties. Then attach the top with zip ties. Clamp shelves and accessories to the sides with bolts and nuts.

    Tunnels pop up, a U brace folds down and is secured with zip ties.

    Pre-configured Catios have the required holes cut for the attaching tunnels, towers, stairs or ramps.However, because we do not know the measurements of your yard or cat door. We do not cut entry holes in any of our Catios, therefore you will need to cut the entry access hole on site.Anything ordered al la cart will not have precut holes. We do offer a hand held hack saw or mini bolt cutters to facilitate cutting holes and a file to take off sharp edges on the accessory page.

    We also offer 22, 45, and 90-degree brackets to make assembling your enclosure easy.

    It is recommended that at least two people are present to install the enclosures. Knowledge of basic carpentry and assembly are helpful.

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