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2kg Soya husk/shrimp snow, alfalfa, shrimp crumble. Or MIXED:

PLEASE NOTE, BARLEY STRAW PELLETS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. Bulk buy 2kg total weight of any mix of your choice of Soya husk pellets (shrimp snow, snow flake food) Made out of 100% soya husk. An amazing leave in food for all invertebrates (shrimp, crays and snails) as well catfish.High in protein and packed full of nutrients, it will not foul the water and is a great choice for holidays when you can't be there.It attracts the shrimp and fish immediately but it's main benefit is its ability to grow mycelium (a type of fungus) that the shrimp will graze on over a long period of time. Extremely popular in Asia with shrimp breeders due to its high nutrient value and ease of use. Barley straw pellets An organic shrimp food and natural water conditioner. Made of organic barely straw and peat, compressed into easy to use pellets. Benefits of feeding barley straw include * Releases beneficial humic acid in a controlled and sustained way. * Increases biological activity, allowing shrimp to graze on the biofilm created * Helps to buffer pH and GH * Improves water quality and clarity. * Can helpchelate metals such as copper or arsenic. * Does not foul the water, making it an ideal holiday food. Suitable for all invertebrates (shrimp, snails) as well as catfish (plecos etc). Alfalfa pellets Anatural nutrient-rich food, high in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa is naturally high in protein, calcium, niacin, thaimin, riboflavin vitamin A, vitamin B5 & B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It also contains many trace elements that are essential to healthy growth and development including biotin, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. Shrimp crumble A fantastic mix of grains, bran, legumes, vegetable meal and bentonite clay. A complete feed suitable for shrimp and catfish. A variety of different foods to spoil your shrimp or catfish (plecos) with! All food with be individually packed in resealable zip lock bags. IMPORTANT - Please include your choice of pellets and their requested weights in the PayPal notes. Example 1kg alfalfa pellets 300g soya husk pellets 400g barley straw 300g shrimp crumble If no note is included then you will be sent the standard package of 1kg soya husk pellets 500g alfalfa pellets 500g shrimp crumble IMPORTANT NOTE TO NON AUSTRALIAN BUYERS Due to weight restrictions to international registered parcels, weight of pellets will be slightly under 2kg to accommodate packaging. Thanks for your understanding.
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