200+ Live Daphnia Magna (Clean Indoor Culture) FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING For Sale -

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200+ Live Daphnia Magna (Clean Indoor Culture) FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING:

Selling 200+ daphnia to be used as live fish food or for starting your own culture. Daphnia are small aquatic crustaceans and an excellent food source for aquatic pets, especially picky eaters! They are an excellent live food for freshwater tanks and will not pollute your tank’s water. Care: We feed our daphnia brewer’s yeast and they are fed daily due to the sheer size of the cultures. All cultures receive a 50% water change every few days and the only water used is aged tap water. At the buyer’s request, we will gladly provide tips and tricks for maintenance and care of your daphnia culture. I use aged tap water aerated with a canister filter with a UV sterilizer, which ensures the daphnia you receive are bacteria and pathogen free.I also culture Tubifex worms with the daphnia so you might get a worm or two in a bag. Shipping: Although we aim to provide the best shipping and handling we can, we will reship if provided images of daphnia DOA within 4 hours of delivery verification. Due to the large volume of water needed to ship 200+ daphnia, we cannot offer to ship via USPS First Class Package. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which is faster than First Class.
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