160L Aquarium Water Chiller Cooling Refrigerator Machine Fish Shrimp Tank 42Gal. For Sale -

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160L Aquarium Water Chiller Cooling Refrigerator Machine Fish Shrimp Tank 42Gal.:

Store category Sign Up Now ! You may also like Aquarium Chiller 42gal 1/10 HP Water Cooler cooling of ornamental fish tank 160L Product Description Item location:CA /NJ /AustellTypeInline ChillerBrandunbrandMPNDoes Not ApplyTank Capacity42 gal.Net weight:13kgSize:34*20*30 (cm)Input power:0.1 (kw)Voltage:110v 60HZPower:1/10HPType:Air-cooled chillerCooling titanium coil (corrosion resistant)Cooling water volume:≤160LMaterial:Titanium heat transferProduct parameters: Net weight: 13kg Size: 34*20*30 (cm) Input power: 0.1 (kw) Voltage: 110v 60HZ Power: 1/10HP Type: Air-cooled chiller Cooling capacity: 270W Refrigerant: R134a Evaporator: pure titanium coil (corrosion resistant) Cooling water volume: ≤160L Water inlet and outlet specifications: Φ12 or 6 points outer wire Material: Titanium heat transfer Application field: cooling of ornamental fish tank Structure type: sealed Purpose: cooling the fish tank, it can be used in general cooling places (beauty equipment, ultrasound, etc.) Scope of application: aquatic plant cultivation, jellyfish cultivation, coral cultivation, crystal cultivation Features: 1. Beautiful and generous, low noise operation Although small in size, it holds a large fish tank with low noise 2. Simple operation Simple temperature setting, easy to use, light and easy The button switch is clear at a glance, easy to learn Clear drain icon, easy to use Hand-held design on the side, allowing you to move more conveniently Pipes need to be inserted into the water inlet and outlet for circulating cooling 3. Raise fish first, and water temperature is the best The fish tank chiller makes the fish rippling in the cool, rejecting high temperature and heat 4. Energy saving and environmental protection Compressor refrigeration, environmental protection and no emissions 5. Common for fresh water, aquatic plants and sea water tanks One chiller for multiple purposes, a good deal 6. Built-in fan to cool down rapidly Rapid heat dissipation capacity, allowing you to save electricity and time, efficient heat dissipation Packing list: host + power cord + manual Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4
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