10 Random Nano Sample Species Plants Live Freshwater Trim Aquarium Easy Beginner For Sale -

10 Random Nano Sample Species Plants Live Freshwater Trim Aquarium Easy Beginner

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10 Random Nano Sample Species Plants Live Freshwater Trim Aquarium Easy Beginner:

Ten Random Species of Low Tech Live Freshwater Aquarium Plants. Just drop in and go!Easy trims to get your small tanks started.
Condition is New.Shipped free with USPS First Class Package.Hello everyone!

I'm offering a couple small plant packages to people who might want a little variety in their tanks, but don't want to lay down too much $$$....

These are very small portions, but you'll get at least ten individual plants, and I do my best to give you as much textural/ color variety as possible.

You'll get stem types, floaters, and mosses. All easily rooted, forgiving, and grow joyfully!

These are random trims I harvest right before shipping, so I can do my best to pull requested plants, but can't guarantee it. :)

This is a great way to get lots of variety if you're the patient, experimental type.

I've included a photo above of a sample order. These are the amounts you can expect to receive.

It's the trim pack I wish someone had offered when I was starting out with planted tanks-- that way I can see what works and what doesn't in my tank!

All grown submerged(except floaters obviously)with minimal fertilizer and average light/ room temperatures- unlike a lot of cheap plants out there -which are grown only partially submerged.

I've posted pictures above of some of my actual tanks that I trim from.

This is what a low maintenance, no heat, no- C02 tank can look like after your new plants establish.

These are happy community tanks with colorful guppies, snails, shrimp, and of course, lots of plants!

I do have a few filterless Walstad tanks as well, so you know these are hardy, easy-care plants that grow fast and under a wide variety of conditions.

I do have snails in tanks, but no duckweed.

If you'd absolutely rather not have snail hitchhikers, definitely look up how to do a bleach dip.

Some random trims you may get these days:

True Sagittaria, Frogbit, Java moss, Riccia, Rotala H'ra, Rotala Rotundifolia, Najas Guppy Grass,

H. Tripartita 'Japan', Purple, red, or green Cabomba, N. Hydro. Taiwan, Narrow Leaved Anacharis,
Weeping moss, Salvinia Minima, Bacopa Caroliniana, Water Wisteria, Hornwort, Ambulia,

Red Rooted Floaters, Pennywort, Windelov and Trident Java Fern, Red Myrio,Water Sprite
Water Lettuce, Salvinia Natans, Java Fern, Crypt Wenditii, Pearlweed, Green Myrio and more....

I do not offer a DOA policy on the plants at this time.These are snipped/ harvested and packed right before shipment.I'm very careful, and I use methods that have consistently gotten the best results over years.Lot of love going into this hobby.Please don't leave them in a mailbox🙏

Due to the dilation on USPS shipping estimates this summer, we will begin shipping ONCE A WEEK on Mondays. This is re: your response, and gives your live orders the best chance of making it to you safely before the weekend.
Much love, and be safe,

Thank you for looking, aqua friends!This is a weird time for us all. I want to thank you for allowing me to practice my hobby from home.It brings me so much joy 🙏
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I've also got some Fancy Guppy juveniles for sale!
Red Dragon Head Cobra Fry fun color for your tank?
Red Ramshorn Snail Succulent Tank Decor and Fry
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