1 Trio - Short Body Black Koi Live Aquarium Guppy Fish - Live Arrival GUARANTEE For Sale -

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1 Trio - Short Body Black Koi Live Aquarium Guppy Fish - Live Arrival GUARANTEE :

PLEASE READ OUR POLICY "LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE"Quantity: 1 male, 2 female PLEASE DO NOT BUY FISH, IF YOU'RE NOT SURE OR DON'T ACCEPT ALL POLICIES BELOW WE DON'T SHIP LIVE FISH TO HAWAII - ALASKA - PUERTO RICO ISLAND. SHIPPING DAY: We only ship the fish on MONDAY in order to avoid the fish pending on the weekend in the warehouse.All picture is taken by me and exact fish will be received for sure.THE LIGHTING I USE MIGHT BE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR AQUARIUM SO COLORS MIGHT BE LIGHTER OR DARKER DEPEND ON LIGHTING YOU USED, fish might likely arrive lacking color due to stress from shipping colors will be back to original when the fish settle down, marble gene maybe change color and marking during a short period of time.DOA POLICY (please read it carefully) LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE (covers cost of the fish & shipping cost is nonrefundable)The following instructions must be followed, IF NOT guarantee is voided. * if FISH DOA, send a photo of unopened bag with DOA FISH/SHRIMP is still inside the bag within ONE hour of delivery. if bag is opened, guarantee is voided. * Contact must be made within ONE hour IF NOT we are unable to refund* In cases where contact is made several hours or days later. once the fish is out of the bag refund is void * If the package is lost contact shipping carriers right away, because when the package is out for shipping we cannot control how shipping carrier will ship them MAKE SURE THE TANK IS CYCLE WELL AT LEAST 2 WEEKS FOR NEW FISH and WATER PARAMETERS IS IN GOOD SHAPE BEFORE PUT THE FISH/SHRIMP IN AFTER ALL SALE ARE FINAL *NO RETURN FISH ACCEPTABLE* We do Combined Shipping *Additional ORDER are $5 shipping each*COMBINED ORDER want to shipped together must be purchased within 3 days to apply combined shipping, to prevent Fish/Shrimp being held for extended periods. please contact us for a combined invoice with your shipping discounts. Please let us know if you have any questions about the item, and if you are happy with your purchase, we would love it if you could leave us your positive response on !If you are not happy with the product, please email us directly we will work out the problem with you. "PLEASE NOT leave us negative response before report the problem to us or before problem solve" Because response is very important and helps our business grow! *Due to policies we can only put the LISTING for one day shipping, but we will ship by USPS Priority only not OVERNIGHT, which it takes 2 to 3 days to arrive anywhere within the continental U.S. Shipped with USPS 2-3 Days Please let us know if OVERNIGHT SHIPPING REQUEST
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