1 Cup-Live Guppy Grass (Najas Guadelupensis) Live Aquatic Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free For Sale -

1 Cup-Live Guppy Grass (Najas Guadelupensis) Live Aquatic Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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1 Cup-Live Guppy Grass (Najas Guadelupensis) Live Aquatic Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free:

1 Cup-Live Guppy Grass (Najas Guadelupensis) Live Aquatic Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free.


Upon receiving your plants, do not immediately add them to your aquarium. It's always best practice to sterilize all new plants. This article over several options, please read it thoroughly to decide which works best for you. Guppy grass & java moss are sensitive plants and will not survive most sterilizing methods. The safest option is Potassium Permanganate (sold in hardware stores, & amazon)

Plants can suffer during shipping and go through a "melting" phase where roots fall off or leaves turn color. Don't worry, this is normal. Remember that plants have spent days inside a box with no water sunlight or proper air. After sterilizing, put them in an area of your tank that has little to no flow (so tops of leaves are not constantly wet) and provide bright aquarium light. After an adjustment period, they will grow and multiply!

Everyone's tank condition is different and depending on whether you care for plants properly, they may or may not thrive. I do not guarantee how these plants will grow in your tank. Please research how to properly care for them before purchasing. Google and Youtube offer a wealth of information.


All my plants are Indoor and/or submerged. These adapt much better to your aquarium compared to plants grown outdoors and/or emerged by most sellers. The pictures shown are a reference of how the plants look like in my tank, it's not the exact plant you will be receiving.


My tanks have ramshorn snails and bladder snails so you may find tiny snails in your package. They are a great biological control agent for algae but if you don't want them, they can be easily hand-picked out or use a large pellet food to attract them, then net or siphon them out of your tank.


- Plants are well-packaged inside a ziploc bag with light water, placed inside a shipping box then covered with a poly mailer. During winter, denim insulation will be used to shield plants. During Summer, reflective insulation is used.

- I ship orders on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS only. After shipping thousands of orders, I've found this schedule to be the best days to ship, packages spend the least amount of time in transit.

- Each purchase is provided with a tracking #, please follow the route of your package and pick up your plants promptly after the delivery. Any DOA after 3 hours of delivery is void. Plants left outside in high/low temperature will drastically lower their ability to survive.


Due to the nature of live plants, I cannot accept returns. However, if you have any issues or concerns, please contact me.

*response / REVIEW

If you encounter any problems, always contact me before deciding to leave negative or neutral response. I'll do my best to resolve issues within reason but please contact and let me know what is happening. Our sales support the cost of our family's fish hobby and review are very important for our survival as a small home business.


It's the responsibility of buyers to know what plants and fish are legal to keep in their state and what plants or fish are considered invasive or noxious in their state. Please make sure you research this before ordering. I encourage all buyers to aoffere and follow the rules their home state has placed on live plants and fish as established by their home state department of agriculture.

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