Dusty Bunny

Dusty Bunny: April, 2001 to July 2, 2016
Dusty Bunny passed away today after a brief battle with kidney disease.
Dusty was a wonderful little cat who was with me too short a time. I adopted her in October 2014 because her previous human wanted to rehome her or she was going to put her down.
I had a poem for her I would say to her every day:
Dusty Bunny is funny
She’s worth a lot of money
Because she’s sweeter than some honey
She fought this terrible disease bravely, rallying more than once. I will miss her more than I can say.
I will miss the way she would use her paw to tap me awake at night to pet her.
I will miss sleeping on the floor to be with her after the disease made it impossible for her to get on or off the bed.
She goes to join the other pets we have loved and lost. I can only imagine heaven as a place where we will be reunited with them.
Bunny, I hope I did everything I could have done to take care of you. I will miss you every day. There is a deep empty feeling in my heart. I am glad we were able to enjoy three extra months together.
Requiescat in Pace Dusty Bunny. You will be missed.