Snudge was a garden hedgehog we took in when he was wandering near a main road in our neighbourhood, he turned out to be one of the best pets weve ever had the privelage of caring for, he was friendly, playful, even to the point of playign with our 2 cats, sleeping alongside them and other little quirks, he loed to swim 🙂 and to pinch food whenever he got chance!
sadly though, snudge was already an old fella when we took him in and after only 6 months with us left us and went to hedgehog heaven.
Im glad your werent in pain and yoou chose to leave in your sleep, you are sorely missed and i hope somehow you know that we would do anything to have you back in our lives, i know your in a better place and ill see you again one day, love your loads my spikey compadre, love from me ,mummy, loui and mary forever and always.