Xena (Dessa, Kissed By An Angel)

Xena was born 10-09-99 and had one litter of puppies before I had her spayed. I was lucky enough to adopt her and her daughter (Gabby) on 2-24-02. I had lost my beagle Dizzy on 2-20-02 and thought it would be impossible to find another dog that I would love as much. I rode in the back seat with Xena & Gabby on the way home from the rescue and before I was home I realized that Xena was a very special dog and she was beautiful. She was not only the best behaved dog I’ve ever owned, she was a wonderful mother to Gaby too. I nick named her Ru Ru because that’s the sound she made at feeding time. Almost every photo I have of Xena has Gabby in it too. They were rarely apart for more than a couple of minutes. I even had them spayed on the same day and scheduled all their Vet appointments at the same time. I found out almost two years ago that Xena had a heart murmur and in the past couple months I noticed her behavior was a little unusual. I thought it was due to her advancing age. She still walked every day and ate so I thought she was doing pretty good for her age. I woke up on 8-15-12 and Xena had died in her sleep laying next to my bed. Even though it’s very painful to deal with, I am grateful for every moment we shared and that she did not have to suffer with an extended illness. She was like a daughter to me and she knew that she meant the world to me and to Gabby. She will forever be in my heart and my thoughts and I will not forget how special she was.