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    yes it is a sport that people are trying to BANN as people see it as cruelty to animals… imagine yourself a small animal and running for dear life away from something really big and quite scary, not just one but lots of them………….. and say then its not cruel……….. its your perogertive, but thats an apinion……….



    ;D Foxhunting in England is being banned, 😮 there trying to ban it at lest. I foxhunt in Florida, in America we do NOT kill nor catch the fox. We only chase! If they ban foxhunting in England they will be putting down over 20,000 foxhounds. 5,000 or more people will lose there jobs. ?:-/ And a 500 plus, year out tradition down the toilt. Someone once asked me, how would your life be without hunting? I answered, empty. ?:( 😀 Happy Hunting! 😀 ? ? ::)


    oh my god, not again! >:( this argument has been on every forum i have been on and it always turns out the same – there are more pro hunters than anti hunters and it turns into a bitching fight! i do not want this to happen here so i will just say: i am against foxhunting, i am not a "dumb townie" as i lived in the countryside most of my life, i know about populations, dead lambs, shredded chickens, blah, blah, blah and my opinion has not changed. the debate has nothing to do with "supirior intelect" or crap like that but it is a passionate subject.


    ……WOW!!! 😮 There are really some different opinions about this!!! 😮 I have never really thought about it, so I don’t think I’d go either way!! :-


    Wow, lots of chaos!!! 😮


    i can usually see everybody’s point about the subject but sometimes they are rediculous. "the fox never did anything wrong. why should you kill the poor little thing?" because they kill livestock. "it is better than shooting because the fox is killed almost instantly when it is cought." it is chased before it is cought though. and shooting is nearly always quick." if you post something please don’t make it so obvious.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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