my dog passed away getting his nails clipped.

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    So sorry for your loss. What an awful thing to happen. I would be extremely angry with the groomer and even though it won’t bring your dog back, I would talk to someone about possibly sueing (sp?) them so it doesn’t happen to someone else’s dog. A groomer should know the signs of a dog in trouble. Hugs sent your way.



    dotty here ,just wanted to say my dog,8 years old has nails so long that the vet said the toe nail couldn’t be cut .they don’t curl,but side ways,I’m afraid to have them done,coz the vet said he would be cutting into the toe.I don’t know what to do about it,they don’t seem to bother him.I do worry about it,and going down the stairs,he always trips and twist his ankles.Then he limps around.We will be buying a house soon I’d like to find one on all the same floor,so he doesn’t have to climb.I hope the girl with the dog is feeling better.



    I would recommend cutting the very tips off of his nails, just a tiny bit. Then a couple of days later, a tiny bit more. Keep trimming just a smidgen off until you get them short enough that he isn’t tripping on them. That’s just as bad as having the quick cut……..

    I started when my dogs were young clipping the nails and none of them mind me doing it. My schipperke will let me cut his nails while he is on his back with all fours up in the air. But I started very young with all my dogs. When his get long….I have to gradually clip the tips off just like I suggested above to where I can get them back to normal length.



    thanks I’ll have the vet try it first,see my hubby doesn’t get stressed when we take tuffy to the vets,but I do and tuffy sense’s it and then he to gets up set.



    I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to even know what to say. This is a very terrible time: i am sure. As for these people I am not sure what I would do either. I guess the first thing to do is call the aspca and see if they have any legal advice for you or if they can send some aspca police there.
    I know if it were me I would be besides myself with guilt and anger and depression. Please be good to yourself and get some support for this loss.
    The only other problem I would personally face is how to keep myself from going back there and hurting those involved as i suffer from hysterical rage, that type of event would trigger it .
    I am very very sorry. Please get help to deal with this as it is a bigger issue than just loosing your friend and I think you will be dealing with feelings that are double of what loosing a family member will be like due to the foolishness and stupidity of the malpractice that was done to you and your good friend.






    I’m so sorry for your loss. It was not your fault.
    I do question the groomers decision to keep trimming…
    When I was young, my mother had a poodle who was afraid of thunder. One stormy night she had a sudden fatal heart attack before we knew what happened.
    We now have a yellow lab very afraid of noises. If anything good comes out of your loss, we who read this will be sure to recognize potential threats to our dogs, and not be too trusting of "professional groomers".
    Take care….



    that’s so sad to hear. my condolences… ;(



    I am so very sorry for you losing your pup like that. What absolute anguish. I would have been feeling the same. I wish I could fix it for you and give you back your furbaby. Take some time to heal. You will always remember that pup, but day-by-day you will deal with the loss better. Then, when you find yourself missing petting and caring for a dog, get yourself another. Losing your dog is very heart-breaking. But also, he was worth it for all the love and companionship he gave you over the years. He would want you to be alright and to be able to love another dog.
    The Crone



    As a groomer with 30 years experience handling dogs, I’m very sorry to read this and its why I no longer work in pet salons with other groomers. It breaks my heart to work with groomers who don’t take the time to comfort a pet that has issues like not wanting its nails trimmed. I’d like to point out as a certified dog trainer and handler that your dog is not born with these fears..nail clipping, shaving paws,afraid of a bath or blow a reflection of your groomer or pet care person….Pets get those fears from Not being introduced to the experience in a positive, gentle understanding way..if a person who was 10 times your size came at you with clippers and held you down no matter how bad you struggled and cut your nails until they bled..would you want it done again? I’d say NOT. The grooming industry is no longer full of dog lovers, its full of those who see the ole mighty dollar in having 10 to 20 pets in and out the door as fast as possible to collect the average 40 dollar a dog price tag..add it up, its a bit of money so they hurry with your dogs, they don’t take time to teach handling skills, handling is not taught in grooming is a learned skill that takes time and practice because each dog reacts different and a good groomer or pet professional has to know how to read the dog behavior and adjust the grooming experience for the comfort of the dog or very bad things like this can happen. I’m in the process of building a website that offers advise and insight into why the dog does that and hopr it will help everyone groom and handle dogs in a loving understanding way, from the beloved dog’s point of view. If you have any questions or are in need of advise, feel free to contact me. Many times a groomer starts off loving and gentle, then loses thier patience when the dog is not trusting the experience because the last time was scary to him, instead of realizing its a trust issue the groomer continues fighting the dog making matters worst and in this case..horrible…It bothers me so much to read this and its becoming so common, its such a shame. I’m so sorry.



    Im so sorry for your lose. This happend to me but luckly I took my chiahuahua to the vets, the wer able to give him drugs to bring him back, that was four yrs. ago and he has not had his nails trimmed since.



    I am deeply sorry to read about your dog and it utterly disgusts me that the groomers didn’t do more to help. Knowing that he had asthma and is kind of old for a dog and that he had problems they should have been more professional and handled the situation better. I beg you not to blame yourself, there was nothing you could do and he knows you loved him very much. Dogs know these things even if we don’t tell them.



    That really scares me! I have an 12 yr old Pom/Corgi who HATES getting her nails clipped. But she needs them done. I tried using Pedipaws, but it doesnt work that well. Sunny gets to the point that she screams bloody murder when shes getting clipped.



    I like to say first my sincere condolences. And I know that there is nothing that can be said or done to change the horrible experience your dog had to endure as well as your own experience in this nightmare. However, if a professional establishment knowingly excepts the responsibility of anyone’s pet with medical issues they are stating they are knowledgeably equipped to understand that specific dogs medical condition, precautionary measures, and plain old sound judgment when to stop and immediately call a vet.
    I am not an advocate of causing anyone harm, but from the information you posted it appears they failed in everyway when it came to your pet. You may want to consider making yourself heard it may help to prevent this from happening to someone else’s loving pets. Your family member lost their life (dog) – you have a huge loss.
    Appears the establishments ethics maybe questionable.
    Situations like yours happen often but they are not reported enough. Most of the public is unaware.
    Just a thought..

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    That’s a terrible experience. I feel like the groomers should have done something more. Is it possible for you to sue them for negligence? I think you should.

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