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    Well for one I do not agree in the use of "poor" when talking about working class, and for another, I think there is a fine line between those who should own dogs and those who shouldn’t. Alot of the time neglect isn’t due to the owners lack of money but more their lack of knowledge on how to care for their animal, for example feeding cheap foods, wet food instead of dry food and how often they should be walked. I think anyone who has the time, patience and love for a dog has every right to own one.



    I think that there are many kinds of loving people who have dogs and not much money



    You have a good point. I think having a pet will stretch your budget further because you will also need to give your pet the proper care he needs. From food, vaccines, grooming, health care and others. Plus it is also time consuming so you really need to make sure you are ready for another obligation in your family 🙂
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    Gosh, let them have a dog. They are entitled to some happiness in their misery. Don’t judge like that because you don’t know if the dog was a present from someone. Are they going to say no, I can’t afford it? Sometimes poor kids in 3rd world countries have dogs and honestly that’s all they have (no toys, NOTHING) not even tile floor or carpet but soil to urinate. Money doesn’t buy happines…Some people think they can control the world just because they have money, and honestly there are other things stronger that. Believe me, I have traveled a lot, and you have it all wrong…Having said that, I hope you don’t get offended by this comment. Maybe you should travel a little to 3rd world countries and your life will completly change. It changed mine 🙂



    I totally disagree with the original poster. If all people were waiting for their economical situation to be more stable, nobody would have pets. There are no guarantees in life. Okay, you start making 5000 dollars a month, you go get yourself a pet. In a few months you loose your job. What are you supposed to do? To throw the pet away? No, you will keep it and will do your best to support it. The same is with people who live in a budget. Often, it is not about the amount of money you have to support your dog, but more about the love you can give it. Remember:



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    Hi, i believe that what matters most for a pet is to receive your love concern and sincerity. What’s the point if you are able to provide the best and most expensive food for you pet and yet you did not spend much time with it?!
    Back to the point if let’s say one is slightly poorer and is hard to just fork out $1000 over bucks for emergency of the pet, i believe many vets will still help to cure your pet (as most is with a loving heart). They might go to the extent of either subsidizing for you or perhaps you could pay by instalments.
    Things will work out eventually! Just feed you pet healthily and nothing major will happen to them =)



    I agree in part,but it depends-how awful to have pets you love but not be able to afford care.I live on my own with my three dogs and 5 cats-they are my family now,and despite being retired and on a ridiculously small pension,I do my best and would go without myself anyday,rather than see my animals suffer.I have insurance-though at the rate the premiums go up,it may not be for too much longer!.I do not know what the answer is,but I know I couldnt live without my pets,and I will manage somehow.What an awful world if only the affluent could have the joy of keeping pets.



    I agree and disagree. Because I have seen "poor" people and homeless people living under bridges with a dog and that dog being the only thing that keeps them going everyday. They will feed that dog and take care of that dog before taking care of themselves. So the whole money status shouldnt really be an issue. I understand that things come up unexpectedly but that could happen to anyone. I myself if something was to happen to 1 of my 5 dogs would have to have my bill set up on a payment plan if something happened and it ended up costing alot, but I can promise you and everyone else that just because I don;t have an account set aside for whatever my arise that my animals are like my children they get the best of everything and I never come home with out a new toy and treats for them. Yes they are very spoiled. Why have them if you can’t spoil them right?



    I think you are right>Mostly poor peoples owning dogs. I agree with your point of view.



    Thanks for announcing. I have enjoyed with this forum.

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