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    What have you tried? Many things owners and even less educated trainers do can often INCREASE undesired behaviors and worsen them. So coming from a trainer/behavioral consultant, knowing what you have tried is very important. You have have inadvertantly worsened the situation – or switched tactics too much when something was beginning to work and you may not have noticed it, etc. Have you had a GOOD trainer who also work with canine behavior to evaluate the dog and you in the home? This is also very important and I cannot read dog body language on line and need to know if the dog is acting out due to fear or feeling threatened, etc. There is so much to evaluating a situation and managing something that needs to be witnesses. But let me know what you have done so far and that will at least be a start. Also, check out for a trainer near you…



    Several years ago, we rescued an abused dog from a puppy mill. She is a Yorky mix, we believe. Anyway, she is a very sweet dog and has made huge accomplishments in socialization. In the past couple of years, though, she has begun barking and growling at everyone who walks through the front door, even us sometimes. With some people she will stop after a while, but with others, she won’t stop at all. She is driving us crazy. We have tried everything, it seems. We are really proud of how far she has come and we would like to remedy or at least curb this problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ???

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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