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    I am going to adopt two kittens in about a month’s time. My question is, can two kittens (about 3 months in age each) share some items such as a carrier, litter pan, etc.? Also, since they have been raised together, will they expect to eat from the same bowls or should I have separate bowls for each? Thanks.



    Oh yes cats can share supplies. since there kittens they will get along fine. just let them sniff eachother and get use to eachother and by the night the two kittens will be friends! And they be able to share cat bowls, litter boxes etc. 😉



    As a multiple cat owner (I have five) I strongly suggest SEPARATE bowls, litter boxes, etc. Yes, as kittens they may share just fine but when they age, they may not be as willing to share from the same bowl (if one cat is quite dominant, it may nail the other one when it is trying to eat and force it from the bowl) and not all cats will share litter boxes which can lead to house soiling which can be impossible to retrain cats from once it becomes a habit. As for crates, they may share fine as babies but again, depending on how they mature, they may not be as happy riding together in one. Better safe than sorry. All my cats have their own food bowl (it hs cut down on fighting – I used to have three bowls, but no longer expect them to share) and multiple litter boxes. Plus I do not ask them to ride in the same crate during trips.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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