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    I Want To Know If Its Normal Behavior For A Bunny To Act Out In Rage? To Be More Specific My Bunny Bites The Cage So Much, He Also Either Tosses His Bowl By Pushing It Hard Or He Grabs It By His Mouth And Throws It All Over His Cage Aggressively He Bites It As If Hes Attacking It, He Also Claws At The Bottom Of The Cage Hard You Can Hear His Nails Scratching It. Ive Only Had Him For Two Weeks And He Recently Started Doing This About For Nights Ago, Reason I Say Night Is Because He Behaves This Way Only At Night Time. I Might Also Add That Around The Time He Started Behaving Like This I Did Get Another Bunny But Its One Of His Offsprings They Fought When I First Put Them Together Since Then They’ve Been In Different Cages Could That May Have Caused This Behavior?




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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