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    Hey Everyone,
    I’m new to the site and I needed help with an adoption process. The rescue has made it so complicated and complex, it’s something that I would never wish on any adopter.
    It’s a long story but to shorten it (because I can only have 7500 characters). I go to this pet store with my friend all the time, we know them and they know both of us. One day they had a dog in a cage, which they don’t do dog or cat adoption there, just small animals. They usually have other organizations come out for dog and cat adoption. I was told this dog was neglected and it was up for adoption. The original agreement I had with the person who helps at the rescue was I would pay 1/3 of the vet bill and that would be in place of the adoption fee. After a week, I was told the dog had fur in bedded in her teeth, an infection in the body, she wasn’t spayed and needed to be fully recovered before I could adopt her. At that point I had asked what my portion of the bill was and was told that I would owe nothing because they were doing donations. Not a dime! So a week after that, I was offered to bring the dog home to let her get use to the environment and my other dog. I brought her home and she was the calmest dog, she acted like she was never abused or neglected and curled up in my arms to fall asleep after an hour being home with me.
    Then after her second visit with the vet, things started to change. I was told to come in and fill out paperwork for the dog, which I know is standard process. After I filled it out, the other woman, who also works in the rescue, said her adoption fee is $200.00. I spoke to the girl I had been working with and she said she was surprised too, but she would talk to her because she had waived my adoption fees. After her second visit, the dog was said to have lyme disease, their vet wanted to remove all her bottom teeth because they said all of her teeth were bad and she would need to go under for her spaying. She also now had an ear infection. From this point on, I begged and begged to have her taken in to have what she needed done but they didn’t want to do anything yet.
    I took her to my vet as part of the adoption process and as a second opinion. I was told by my vet the dog didn’t need her teeth removed but a cleaning in the back teeth because they have major tartar on the back. It could have also been a false positive for the lyme disease depending on how their vet did the blood work (weather it was a basic blood work or the actual lyme disease test). I told the rescue what my vet said and they agreed but yes me to death. Then they tried to changed the agreement again, by saying because I took her to my vet, I can pay for everything when that night I told them what my vet said, they were still on the agreement of they would pay for everything for her health.
    Everything then got out of control when I asked this last time if the dog could get her spaying and everything else soon. The girl I had been dealing with was a little upset that I didn’t trust their vet. We decided on a neutral vet to go to and have everything done. The next day I was given yet another agreement that they would only pay for the spaying and teeth. I would need to sign the rescues contract but they didn’t want anything to fall on the rescue if something happen. Plus they wouldn’t be able to get their discount if I signed the contract (which didn’t make sense to me either). So I said that if it was going to be verbal, I would like something in black and white so there are no more changes on this agreement. Also, if something should happen to the dog after she gets her procedures, I would need to sign something between all 3 of us and not the rescue center, otherwise it would fall on them because that’s who I am contracted with. She went crazy and went on a rant. The last message I received was from the other girl who is saying once the urinalysis (for the lyme), the spaying and teeth are done, they have fulfilled their agreement and nothing more they will cover.
    Which my question is, do I have any room to defend me and my new dog because she is still battling other illnesses that they were aware of since they gave her to me and them promising to take care of all her health issues? Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated. Again, there is so much more to the story but I only have a certain amount of room.

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