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    i have two mixed breed dogs that need a new home. we feel terrible for giving them up but the wife’s lung health is deteriorating and the pet hair has a negative affect on her. the older dog is a german shepherd rottweiler pit bull cross, she’s 10 years old and about 100 pounds. her name is love and she really loves everything. the other is a german shepherd whippit cross, she’s 5 years old. her name is may and she is a timid sweetheart. the wife is really upset about getting rid of them but life or death are the consequences of keeping them or giving them up. they are a pair, may has been with love since she was a puppy, she will feel abandoned without us and would really feel it without love. they are Montana dogs, used to having lakes, rivers, and mountainsides to play in but now we live about a mile from hell in Quartzsite AZ. we love our dogs and want them to be happy and healthy. they are cat friendly, we currently own 3 cats and they are all good friends. also, in one of the pictures love has a collar and chain, they get walked every day but that was a trasitional time when we were moving so they are not used to being chained. they are house dogs that love walks and play.

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