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    Location: Long Island, NY
    I have an adult cat that just turned 7. As much as I love him, I cannot keep him any longer.
    Description: He has a beautiful tiger stripe pattern, combined with white patches on his chest, stomach, and paws. Imagine a striped cat and a tuxedo cat mixed together. Will post pictures soon.
    Personality: He is extremely friendly, though shy around strangers. He loves to be pet and scratched under his chin and behind his ears, and will frequently seek interaction.
    He’s fairly average as far as how vocal he is (how often he meows). He’ll meow when he wants attention, or food. He’s also fairly intelligent, he learned to open a door handle from a countertop next to the door, requiring us to replace it with a doorknob.
    Though obviously not a kitten, he’s still playful and will happily chase a laser light, or string. Oddly, he is not fond of most human food and prefers dried or canned cat food.
    He gets along well with most other cats, and small dogs around his size. As a disclaimer, I feel obligated to mention he did have an issue with another aggressive male cat being introduced, which caused both of them to begin spraying. Since being separated, both have ceased spraying.
    Health: He’s a fairly large framed cat, weighing about 14 lbs. He’s not overweight. He has been to the vet regularly, and was updated on all his shots and vaccinations less than a year ago. Neutered as a kitten. He has a tiny scar on his ear from a cat fight.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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