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    We’re going to visit the in-laws at Christmas; they live in the country, with lots of acreage, and no fencing – and they will not allow our new dog indoors; not even in the garage.
    We’ll be there just over a week, and would prefer not to board her or leave her behind. She’s a Boxer/Boston Terrier mix, and slips her collar easily, so what would be the best tie-out method? Collar? Harness? Retractable tie-out? I don’t think an aerial trolley is an option (no trees near the house).



    Why not invite the in-laws to visit you instead? It sounds like your dog is not welcome and could be put in danger because of it. There are coyotes there and your dog would be a sitting duck tied up outside.



    When I said coyotes are there it is because they are in most every state now and the country is an ideal place for them to proliferate. Depending where the in laws live there could be other predators also. I would not go someplace where my dogs are not welcome and I would never tether them outside as it is too dangerous.



    Dogs shouldn’t be left unattended, even tied out, in a strange place without a fence (heck, even in their OWN yard they shouldn’t be tied out alone). They could easily get lost. You’re better off keeping the dog inside when he’s not with you or being exercised – bring his personal bed with you.
    And escape artist dogs should have a halter with an around-the-neck loop, an around-the-chest loop, & a piece connecting both the top part of the loops & the bottom part of the loops. (See the model at the link.) (Here I speak from experience, my dog’s an escape artist, too.)



    Well; not going is not an option – my husband sees his folks only once a year, and I don’t want to cause a rift in the family, especially since they already think I’m a weird city-girl.
    They’re very "old-school" country folk, and don’t believe animals belong in the house, ever, period. The dogs they’ve had in the past have been mostly bird dogs, 100% out-doors, year-round, and they’ve always done fine.
    Our Minnie would only be out during the day; her crate would be up under the porch eaves, covered and wind-proofed, for her to be crated in at night, or to get into any time she wanted.
    Hubby says that local wildlife aren’t that much of a concern – they don’t come near the house (there’s well over an acre of cleared & maintained area around it) and his siblings bring their bird dogs up every year, as well, so she wouldn’t be the only dog out there (and yes, we already know the dogs will all get along, so I’m not worried about that). They tie their dogs out with a collar and cable, and have had no issues.
    I doubt a coyote would mess with three or four good-sized dogs (Minnie’s over 40lbs, the bird dogs are over 50). In the 7+ years we’ve been going up there, I’ve seen one coyote – at dusk, being chased down by their Daisy dog, about a mile from the house. LOL.
    If we can find a friend down here willing to stay with her for a week, we will… but it’s not likely. So, I want to know the best way to keep her from getting loose while we’re there.
    I can always keep her crated and just take her out for a walk every couple of hours, if necessary – that’s what a kennel would do, pretty much, anyhow, right?



    In light of all this new information, I’d say that as long as there isn’t anything that the lead can get tangled up in, then it should be alright.
    As to the tie-out, get a good nylon tie-out line. They come with a clip on both ends. Make sure you get one rated for your dog’s pull strength. They start at about 12 feet. 15 feet would be adequate.
    This is IF AND ONLY IF there is someone home the whole time the dog is outside! Under NO circumstances should your house dog that isn’t used to being alone outside be left totally unattended for the whole day! The dog MUST BE CHECKED ON REGULARLY.
    If the parents are tense about the dog in the house, then you have to tell them that the dog has to be kept in a closed porch or your bedroom when no one is home.
    If this doesn’t work, then get a licensed & bonded pet sitter to come in for the week & care for the dog. They’re very good at what they do. Some even do sleep-overs.



    I would never under any circumstances tie either of my house dogs outside, especially for someone else’s convenience.
    As for coyotes, where there is one there are dozen. Tied up dogs are sitting ducks for a pack of hungry coyotes, even 40 or 50 pound dogs. They are incredibly wiley and smart.
    So chances are your house dog would be the one picked to be preyed on.
    Just think of the rift that would occur in the family if your dog is injured or worse.
    Call the fish and wildlife department in the area you plan to visit. They will give you honest, unbiased information about tied up dogs and predators.
    Aside from coyotes and other predators, every day dogs get tangled and choked to death on collars and leads. And just because you or someone will be in the house is no guarantee the dog will be safe unattended in the yard.



    You need the Double Dog Run. It is low impact on the ground and is portable, tangle-free and strong. You can trust it won’t pull out of the ground as it is the only tangle-free tie out for two dogs that will not tangle.
    You can find the Double Dog Run System here:
    It can hold one dog or two with out tangling and can hold 800 lbs+

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