Can A Hamster Ride In The Car?

My boyfriend and I have a pet hamster. For the first time since we got her, we are going away from home for two nights. Is it better to leave her with enough food and water, or should we take her (and her cage!) With us in the car to where we are going (about 2 hours drive)? If we left her behind, I am concerned that she would be sad and get bored, and we would spend the whole weekend feeling guilty and worried. But at the same time, I don't want to stress her out by transporting her. What do you think?

Many people take their small pets with them in the car when traveling, and often is the case that it would seem that the animal in question in oblivious to its change in surroundings.

In most cases the experience does not cause any undue stress. However, this can be assisted by keeping your hamster in a small carrier while he is in transit so as to prevent him falling around his cage while the car is moving. However, two days is not a long time to leave your hamster to his own devices.