Treatment Of Thrush On Horse’s Feet

What can be done about thrush in my horses feet? We've tried about everything and two have closed up and look good, but the other two refuse to. Any suggestions on what might work?

For minor cases of thrush I would recommend simply spraying the foot with iodine once a day in combination with good hygine. For a more deeply embedded infection I would suggest Thrush Buster or Kopertox. These can be applied as recommended on the bottle but in more severe cases a clean gauze pad dipped in the medication can be gently presses into the crack to assist in the aeration of the wound 2-3 times a week, this must be done carefully however or it can aggravate the problem.

Regardless of the treatment you choose, to be most effective you will need to thoroughly clean the hoof and keep the horse in as dry environment as possible. I have also heard of people using home made remedies called Sugardine (mix a povidone-iodine product – such as Betadine scrub, solution, or ointment – with white table sugar to form a thin paste). As with other treatments, clean and wash the effected area, pat dry with a clothe then apply the paste deep into the infected area on a daily basis until the thrush has gone.