Dog has Frequent Diarrhea

My dog has frequent diarrea. I feed him Canidae dog food(chicken and lamb)and a variety of brands of dried chicken tenders for treats.What is a good brand of dog food and treats that are good for a more solid poop?

Frequent diarrhea can be a sign of many different types of digestive problems. I strongly recommend having your dog examined by his veterinarian and basic tests done on a stool sample before you change the food. Some young dogs, and especially puppies, can have frequent diarrhea or loose stool because they have intestinal parasites or a bacterial infection.  Adult dogs can also suffer from these – especially if a monthly dewormer is not given.

Some dogs can suffer from chronic diarrhea that is linked to an “inflammatory bowel” type disorder or even food sensitivity. Some dogs that are sensitive to common allergens (such as chicken or wheat) can suffer from frequent diarrhea, but this is not the most common issue. Your veterinarian can help you determine if one of these problems is to blame. If your dog is a German Shepherd, there is a chance that he suffers from something called SIBO, or “small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.” This problem is very common in German Shepherds and can lead to frequent diarrhea and poor weight gain. Laboratory tests can help to determine if this problem is the cause.

Many dogs with digestive issues benefit from a prescription diet. Some may include “novel” proteins and carbohydrates, while others are “hypoallergenic” and very easy to digest.

Again, it is my best advice to seek your own veterinarian’s opinion and take proper strides to figure out the cause of the diarrhea before selecting a new brand of dog food or dog treats. Good luck!