Irritated scrotum in German Shepard

i have a 1.5 year old German shepherd dog he has a problem with it's scrotum. The scrotum red in color and itchy.

Scrotal problems are fairly unusual with intact male dogs but can happen for a variety of reasons.  While dogs will occasionally lick at their ‘privates’, swelling and excessive licking is a sign that something is going wrong.  Dogs will often lick at a certain body part when it is painful for them.  A few causes of scrotal swelling can include severe skin infections, trauma (such as being kicked), testicular torsion (the testicles have twisted on themselves) and infections within the reproductive tract.

It is necessary to have your veterinarian check the testicles and the scrotum skin again as soon as possible. Some infections that affect the reproductive tract can also be life-threatening, such as Brucellosis or Blastomycosis. Brucellosis is a disease that can also infect people through the urine.

thinks it is an infection, certain blood and urine tests may be necessary, especially if Brucellosis is suspected.  Taking measures to keep your dog from licking the scrotum will be beneficial. Your veterinarian may put a ‘lamp shade’ collar (also known as the E-collar or Elizabethan collar) on him to prevent licking. Constant licking will continue to irritate the scrotum and can lead to further issues, such as infection.