What To Look For In Your First Horse

We are planning to buy a horse, and we are not terribly sure of what to look for. Can you help?

Always consider the temperament of a horse or pony. The animal’s suitability to the tasks asked of it are also important. Think about what you want the horse to actually do. You should look for large ears and a ‘nice look’ to the eyes – signs of pleasant temperament. Check how the horse reacts to you: He should be happy for you to walk around it and touch his flanks.

Never buy a horse or pony before riding it yourself or having a more experienced rider ride it. Avoid horses which swing their head around and bare their teeth when you mount, or horses which swish their tails around when they are ridden. The most important thing is to buy a horse who enjoys being ridden, otherwise both you and your horse may be either physically or emotionally scarred by the experience.