Bearded Dragons And Impaction

I think my bearded dragon has impaction. I fed her water and put her on a heating pad. She went to the bathroom a lot, but she is still trying to go more. What should I do now and after she is done going to the bathroom?

Impaction is common in reptiles, especially youngsters, and is the term for a blocked gut. Impactions can occur for several reasons. For example, when a reptile is fed too large or inappropriate food, or due to ingestion of substrate, such as sand that is too fine.

In mild cases, impaction stops the reptile from excreting as regularly as it wants to. That is, it will still excrete but will be seen to try more often, just as your animal is. you can increase fluids with a dropper or soaks in a warm bath to help them pass it. If that does not help the situation, seek veterinary care and also have a fecal to rule out parasites or gram negative bacteria being the cause. Left untreated that can create a prolapse which requires immediate medical attention.