Do Dogs Get Hiccups?

Do dogs get hiccups? I know this sounds stupid but i've seen my dog going through the same behavior I do when I have hiccups.

Yes, dogs get hiccups. The diaphragm is responsible for hiccups in almost all mammals. This is a dome-shaped muscle at the bottom of your chest, and all hiccups start here. The diaphragm almost always works perfectly. When you inhale, it pulls down to help pull air into the lungs. When you exhale, it pushes up to help push air out of the lungs. But sometimes the diaphragm becomes irritated. When this happens, it pulls down in a jerky way, which makes you suck air into your throat suddenly. Some things that irritate the diaphragm are eating too quickly or too much, an irritation in the stomach or the throat, or feeling nervous or excited. Some cases of hiccups in dogs can last for days or weeks, but this is very unusual, and it’s usually a sign of another medical problem.