Basset Hound With Dry Skin After Bathing

I have a basset hound, his skin is very sensitive. I take him to the groomer at least once a month for flea dip or a medicated shampoo. My question is, his skin is still very itchy & pink, I have tired everything to try to relive his itchiness, what can I do for him?

I am not sure that a monthly flea dip is necessary for any dog, and this may well be the problem. Dogs, like other furry animals, are physiologically designed so that their hair and the skin underneath regulates itself to keep clean. This is why regular shampooing or cleaning can upset the balance.

If your dog is itching then he probably has dry or flaky skin, perhaps even eczema. There may be some kind of oral medication your dog can take to stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. However, this may be a steroidal treatment with side effects. At the very least, you should try dog-only shampoos, which are milder than human shampoos, and try skin relief products to ease his dryness.