Inbreeding Dogs Leads To Deformities

I've been trying to learn everything there is about the american cocker spaniel and the pros and cons associated to this breed. I plan on becoming the most responsible breeder in the future. Having said this, it hasn't been an easy task to find good quality animals. I've interviewed many breeders, and many of them have stated that although they oppose inbreeding, they do practice line breeding. In both cases, can't abnormalities such as, a morphodite (same sex) become a serious concern for these breeders? I purchased a bitch from a breeder a year ago, she turned out to be high quality in structure and form. However, she has developed both sex genitalia, and now, it appears, she will need to be spayed. I'm very disappointed in the breeder, and in my lack of knowledge. Where can I get specific information on the subject?

These kinds of physical deformities are as a result of close inbreeding. This is a method of ‘fixing’ sought after characteristics in the breeding population. Unfortunately, it also leads to less genetic variation and increases the chances of invalid young. This is nature’s way of preventing successive inbreeding among family groups. You should approach the American Kennel Club and seek out other breeders and showers for their expert opinion.